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Freedom Force International is a network of men and women from all parts of the world who are concerned over loss of personal liberty and expansion of government power. They are not mere complainers. They have a plan to do something about it. They also share a common belief in The Creed of Freedom, which is a statement of principles that guide them in their mission to build a better world.

Totalitarianism is on the rise everywhere because advocates of big government have taken leadership control of the power centers within every society. Power centers are organizations and social groupings – such as political parties, labor unions, church groups, media centers, and professional societies – that hold political power based on their claim to represent their members and on their ability to lead public opinion. It has taken many years for them to achieve this dominance over society, but they have succeeded. It does no good to complain or to theorize about what should be done. As long as advocates of big government hold the power, nothing will change.

The solution is simple. It is to take back control of the power centers of society, one-by-one, just the way they were captured in the first place, and put them into the hands of people who have no personal agendas except to defend freedom. This will unleash the vast human potential for prosperity and happiness that can be realized only in the absence of government oppression. However, to reach that goal, it will be necessary for those who cherish freedom to do more than complain and far more than just casting a vote every few years. They must reach for power. That is the reason for the motto of Freedom Force: Imponentes defendere libertatem non possunt, which is Latin for “Those without power cannot defend freedom.”

The mission of members of Freedom Force is to shape public policy within their respective countries in favor of personal and global freedom. The method is threefold: (1) dissemination of ideological and issue-related information, (2) instruction in how to become influential within community and national organizations, and (3) instruction in how to convert that influence into public policy. Members seek to become change agents so they truly can make a difference in the world.

Freedom Force is a global brotherhood of the most enlightened and dedicated people in the world. We are building an international network of leaders who, in spite of differences in nationality and culture, are in solidarity with the principles expressed in The Creed of Freedom. We already have members in thirty-three countries, and the number grows every month. Nothing like this has happened before in history. It is a powerful force that cannot be stopped. Welcome to the Brotherhood of Freedom.

Freedom Force was founded by G. Edward Griffin. (For biographical information, see The Founder) Its first members were enrolled on December 12, 2002. Within that group, there were representatives from three countries, establishing the international character of the organization from the very first day. Eventually, there will be training centers in many parts of the world. The headquarters is now located in Southern California. Inquiries should be sent to

If this is your first visit to our web site, you may feel overpowered by the volume of information here, but do not be discouraged by that. This site is not intended to be read all at one time, although occasionally that does happen. It is designed to present the most important topics first and then offer convenient paths to secondary topics and current events. Information is updated daily, and we hope you will make it a habit to return often.

During your first visit, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the series of essays entitled The Future is Calling. This will introduce you to the core beliefs of Freedom Force. Everything else is built upon this, and it will be difficult to understand our perspectives on other issues without this background. To go directly to these essays,

click here.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed
citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing
that ever has." -Margaret Mead -

Thirteen Predictions for the War on Terrorism
Written by G. Edward Griffin three days after 9-11.
Astounding accuracy is the result of knowing the collectivist agenda.


G. Edward Griffin, World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17


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