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A Letter To Alex Jones regarding todays show and content:
Fri Apr 6, 2007 01:17

A Letter To Alex Jones regarding todays show and content:

Dear Courageous, Patriotic, Brother Alex Jones (CPBAJ),

Great Job on the RO releases! http://www.defendrosie.com/ We could
sure use a 'boycott 'O'Really' sponsors until he is off the air'.
Outright PC blackmail, real criminal investigations and charges have
come from his tyrannic criminal incitement of hatred and reprisals
for Freedom of Speech on questions and facts from a government that
has done nothing but lie to us for decades. It's a Constitutional
duty to question government, truth, and information. - IMO.

Dr. Bill Deagle, who I and possibly you based on your gushing one
page review of his 10 page bio, believe him to be THE FORMOST EXPERT
for 911 Tactics and Facts - Has stated in his radio interview: 'The
Best 911...', and I can't remember the exact wording after that, but
it was along the lines of summation of evidence/debris - It kinda
blew me away, because I, like you, knew of his impressive inside
knowledge, expertise and credentials. Another follow up interview is
scheduled for Monday, April 9th.

Physicist Ron Larsen has called the articles "a fresh perspective"
(6:38), "Dr. Ward thinks like a scientist" (8:28), "can spot hocum
from yokum", "logical people like yourself" (55:20), "dealt with
issues that were beyond technical" (in other articles)(10:26), read
several of my referenced documented facts (over 100 of them in the
first article) (11:00), read the full quote of his later partial
quote (12:30), noted the beams thrown upward (1320). "spent several
hours looking over the research" (16:40), notes the pyroclastic
flows, their ability to carry fine particles and the "vaporization of
metals" (25:32), notes the problems with reflectivity of conventional
heat vs much more powerful neuton (ray) heat (32:17), makes a
comparison between his, Gspooner and my methods (44:00), "Dr. Ward is
creating value for me" (45:30), "clearly telling the
truth", "neutrons could do something like this (bend the 8 ton 6 inch
thich beam) (46:08), and notes rare legended LIDAR documented
evidence of massive craters around WTC 1, 2 and in WTC 6 (46:36).
Although, in what seems to be an interesting reversal, his more
recent newsletter does not seem to share the same content.

Micro-Nukes at the WTC
Update: Micro-Nukes at the WTC

A couple of my Ghost Troop fact finding friends (SiBr) notified me
that there may have been some theory discussion on the WTC vehicles
in the vague reference to 2 articles dealing with them. After
listening to the show with William Rodriguez and his excellent
information and video,
http://www.infowars.com/listen.html#instructions_ajs and (video -
help him for his courage by dispersing/buying his video/information
or making a donation to a True Patriotic American Hero).
http://www.911keymaster.com/store.html and then listening to the
Steven Jones segment that dealt predominately with 'does not fit the
evidence of vague specificity space beams' and two unamed articles -
most likely scenerio - one of which was surely Woods - dealing with
vehicles at the WTC and up to 7 blocks away. Ted Twietmeyer has an
excellent - which references my original micro nuke article - article
that is the best scenerio for all of the distant/close vehicle
damage - also in talks for an interview on Dr Bill's show who seemed
very impressed with it when we talked. My article - Update for micro
nukes - also deals with with discarded government vehicles, so it is
doubtful either myself or my article was vaguely mentioned in
either 'two articles about the vehicles', the slur of 'Duffus' for
not being an 'P' word - Physicist, or the vague inclusion on micro
nukes. Well if it is going to take alot of complex formulae to prove
it was an inside job, I want no part of it. There is basic physical
evidence that is being ignored that must fit within BASIC physics and
does. I can live with any concept that follows Basic Physics and
probability. Every step of every formulae calculation must be 100%
factual, a single supposition anywhere along the process of every
force required nullifies any final calculation. Again, the total of
ALL of the evidence of every force must be applied. To do that in
calculations is nearly impossible or would take forever. Keep things
basic, fitting Basic Physics and probability to find the answer.
I try not to 'sweat the little stuff' - "With earnest prayers to all
my friends to cherish mutual good will, to promote harmony and
conciliation, and above all things to let the love of our country
soar above all minor passions , I tender you the assurance of my
affectionate esteem and respect." Thomas Jefferson - so it does not
make a difference to me, regarding my perceptions of you, whether you
ignore, refute, or support the evidence. Naturally, I would prefer
your support the information... The 'Bottom Line' is you are
extremely active in: 911 was an inside job, exposure of Dimocrap and
Repugliscam destruction of our Constitutional Rights, exposure of
quite a few of the physical aspects of this tyrannic, murderous
government infinite acts and avenues, etc, et al... So, you can do no
real wrong until you stray from the Consitution (Historical
Background Interpretation) toward the side of Tyranny. Until then,
you are my CPBAJ.
I do have a few questions for Dr. Jones: I'm sure there is some exact
position you can place Thermate in order to cause fires or make doors
fuse and can most assuredly produce calculations to prove it, since
there are only a few forces involved the calculations would most
likely be correct too. But, it is more than proving it can be done
in one setup instance. The method of dispersal/effects must fit all
and the entire dispersal process/effects consistent with physics and
in some semi-remote probablility all distances up to 7 blocks. The
entire process must be evaluated, not one aspect of one instance. It
does not take the derivation of E=MC2 to evaluate evidence that need
only comply with basic physics, the laws of nature and probability.
Those are the only 3 credentials required. If you have a basic
concept of the principles of those 3 areas you are every bit the
expert of just about anyone, except of course Dr. Bill. Where did
the 35 to 55 X background Tritium come from? Where did - after
allowing for dilution of the documented water pumped from
the 'bathtub' (DOE) there appears there could have been as much as a
Billion Tritium Units in WTC 6 alone, more than 7 Billion TUs in the
drain water tunnels. There are more, but I believe the points are
made. The evidence needs to be seen and evaluated, not ignored, and
passed of falsely as 'safe'. Safe is no where in the realm of
discussion (which it most certainly is not - no amount of radiation
is safe - merely within acceptable loss of life statistics). The
question is "Where did it come from?"

Thank you for all of your efforts, time and consideration.

My Best to You and Yours,

Ed Ward, MD

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