My own sister CIA-sponsored child sexual abuse
Barbara Hartwell
My own sister CIA-sponsored child sexual abuse
Fri Apr 1, 2005 23:47


My own sister, Irene Adrian, was a victim of CIA-sponsored child
sexual abuse. In early adulthood, while under mind control by CIA,
she was sexually abused by a number of politicians, including Nelson
Rockefeller. She was held hostage in a hotel room by Dick Cheney
during the 1970s, while living in Omaha, Nebraska. During that
time, she was acquainted with several of the principals in
the "Franklin Coverup". She is still involved in a number of
lawsuits, the opposition being CIA operatives connected to this
criminal network, whom I publicly exposed after an investigation
which I began in 1995 and which continues to this day.

In fact, Ted Gunderson became briefly involved in my sister's case
between 1997 and 1998. I was attempting to rescue my sister from
the abuses of criminal CIA operatives Ron and Mary Ann Cerra, her
(then) next-door neighbors in Wilmington, North Carolina. At that
time, I still trusted Ted Gunderson and asked him to help my
sister. The results were disastrous. The story is too long to go
into here, but I will say one thing: My sister Irene later told
me, "If I had listened to the advice of Ted Gunderson [she chose not
to] I would have ended up in a mental institution --or possibly even
dead." A statement with which I am in agreement, based on my own
observations, having been a witness to many related events.

The agenda of Ted Gunderson et al is to maintain the coverup of a
massive and pervasive government-sponsored child sex slavery and
pornography network (also used to blackmail government officials
involved). The same coverup which has been in place these many
years, long before the abduction of one of the victims of these
nefarious black operations --your son, Johnny Gosch.

Noreen, I realize that you don't really know me. You and I had only
exchanged a few e-mails several years ago. I believe it was after
you had read some of my articles on CIA black ops, in the whistle-
blower section of Conspiracy Planet. You may remember that you
asked Uri Dowbenko, the editor, to make an introduction to me. Our
e-mails were cordial, but we never had a chance to talk. I also
know that there were quite a few people who wanted to prevent us
from communicating. Apparently, they succeeded.

Uri Dowbenko has since removed my name from his featured whistle-
blowers column and no longer publishes my work. Since that time,
Dowbenko has been promoting Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor, and other
known associates of Ted Gunderson. And I know that Uri's main
interest is making money. He told me so himself, repeatedly.

My interest is not money, and never has been. I have lived in
poverty for many years, since breaking out of CIA black ops in 1994,
and still do. I am financially destitute and the only money that
ever came to me to me as a result of my work (as an activist, an
investigator and journalist) was contributions from the public,
which completely dried up several years ago, due to the libel and
slander campaigns being run against me by the criminals who have a
lot to lose if the truth about their operations comes out.

My primary interest is SEEING JUSTICE DONE, not only for myself, but
for the other legitimate whistle-blowers and survivors of government
black operations and their families who have been victimized and
exploited by the criminals in government. I am especially sensitive
to the plight of children who are drawn into these nefarious
operations, because they cannot defend themselves.

I'm also aware that you have heard and read many of the falsehoods
being promoted about me by those bearing false witness against me;
the same people (including Ted Gunderson, Ken Adachi, Alex Jones,
Virginia McCollough, Tim White et al) publishing a plethora of
libelous disinformation about Barbara Hartwell. As to why they are
doing their damnedest to discredit me, I think that will become
clear as you read on. It is the same reason so many websites and
radio networks have banned me, blacklisted me or removed my articles
from their archives: I am telling the unvarnished truth, I am naming
names of criminal perpetrators. These editors and radio network
administrators were feeling the heat. Some were afraid of
retaliation by the bad guys. They were also losing money because
the criminals who sponsor them threatened to withdraw their
financial support. Posting my material is not "cost-effective".

My own website ( has been off-line since August
2004. Although I now have a new domain name (
the new site has been delayed in coming on-line, due to
circumstances beyond my control. Hopefully, it will be up soon, but
I have no way of knowing when. And currently, I don't know anyone -
-not a soul-- whom I can rely on to publish my work. I can only
hope that if I send this letter to a few friends, someone may be
willing to post it on sites they have access to. That is the best I
can do.

Earlier this month, I found a piece posted on Conspiracy Planet
which featured Ted Gunderson and his latest public report, claiming
to have hard evidence that Jeff Gannon is your son, Johnny Gosch.

As I'm sure you know, this same report (and variations thereof) has
been posted on hundreds of websites and message boards all over the
World Wide Web, spawning the usual endless threads of speculation
and conjecture about conspiracies which run the gamut from unknown
and insignificant individuals, right up to the CIA and the Bush
White House, and just about everyone in between.

As I'm also sure you know, most of the people, garden-variety cyber-
junkies and "bloggers", posting these conspiracy theories are
largely ignorant of any facts. They do not know you; they do not
know your son. Nor have they ever had contact with any of the
principals in the case, be they investigators, victims, nor the
subjects of any investigations. Most are simply parroting what they
have heard or read and, unfortunately, by in engaging in such
unsubstantiated conjecture, they can only muddy the already murky
waters. There is little help for that; it is the nature of the

But I am not writing this letter to offer you any such conspiracy
theories; nor uninformed speculation. Everything I present to you
here comes directly from one or all of the following: my own direct
experience; events in which I have been involved or to which I have
been a firsthand witness; investigations I have personally conducted
over a period of years, complete with the testimony of witnesses I
have interviewed; and in some cases, documentation to support their
testimony and/or the facts outlined here. In my considered
professional opinion, as a trained investigator and intelligence
analyst, the testimony of the witnesses named here is credible and
the individuals are legitimate.

But only you can decide, through your own discernment, what you
believe to be true. The same applies to readers from the general
public. I do not expect you or anyone else to take my allegations
at face value; certainly not as the gospel truth. All I can ask --
and what I hope for-- is that you will consider what I have to say
with an open mind. My prayer is that God will reveal the truth to
you (if this has not already happened) as well as to many others,
especially those who have any personal stake in this case; cases of
similar facts, or the related issues.


Let me begin with a message posted by Tim White, one of Ted
Gunderson's minions. I first saw this message posted on a
commercial site (known for spreading disinformation) called Rumor
Mill News, by a person using the screen name "Monk" . Later, I
found it posted on many other sites, including Friends of Liberty (a
site owned by a porno-monger and pathological liar, Todd Brendan
Fahey who spreads outrageous lies about myself and others) and even
Jeff Rense, the most high-traffic and commercial site of them all.

Last evening I received a call from Ted Gunderson who
is presently in Nebraska to interview a central figure
in the Franklin Coverup case that is at the root of
this "Jeff Gannon" story.A confidential source of
Teds' has-in a conversation with Ted yesterday
afternoon-given a 100% confirmation that Jeff
Gannon/Jim Guckert is very definitely Johnny Gosch.Ted
has the full backing and authority of the mother of
Johnny,Noreen Gosch,to handle this as only Ted would
know how,along with the complete assistance of John
DeCamp.Ted and John DeCamp are the investigators and
exposers of the Franklin Coverup.Ted has given me the
greenlight to write and post this much so far but for
very obvious reasons,I cannot go into greater detail
at this time,though I do know more than what I can add
to this at this time.As I have been told,more
information will soon be forthcoming with the
authorization to post when I receive it.

Tim White, Viet Nam Vet(Air Force),Concerned Citizen]

If an issue is of serious concern to me, as this one is, whenever I
find a report posted on that issue, the first thing I do is look at
the source(s) of the information. In this case, the primary source
named is Ted Gunderson. A secondary source is John DeCamp, and
finally, Tim White, the actual "author" of the report, as well as
the person disseminating the information.

So let me start with Tim White. I have conducted a thorough
investigation of Tim White, starting in August 2001. The reason I
found it necessary to investigate White is that this man (whom I had
never heard of and did not know) targeted me for a number of
criminal violations, beginning with his false claims about death
threats made against me by a so-called "CIA assassin" (a threat
which was entirely bogus and in which an innocent person was
implicated); which later escalated to various forms of criminal
harassment, including by phone, and which eventually included Tim
White's own death threats against me, for which I have several

One of these witnesses is Doreen Bishop of Colorado, against whom
White has also been engaging in criminal harassment and stalking
since 2002, when he was released from prison on probation after a
drug-related felony conviction. Tim White has also made death
threats against Doreen, as well as several other people, including
federal whistle-blower Stew Webb and Iran-Contra/S&L/HUD whistle-
blower Al Martin.

In fact, a permanent restraining order was granted to Doreen Bishop
by a court in Denver, in 2002, of which I have a copy, given to me
by Doreen when I made a trip to Denver in the summer of 2002, for
the purpose of investigating the "Denver Connection" in the
Bush/Clinton/CIA crime syndicate, by which I and members of my
family had been targeted.

I also have many other documents which serve as evidence of the
criminal activities of Tim White. I have letters written by Tim
White which document his death threats against various individuals
and I have tapes of White's prodigious phone harrassment of myself
and my family. I have had to change my phone number more than once,
because of White and others like him, provocateurs who are doing the
bidding of government-sponsored criminal networks.

The latest I know of on Tim White is that he had made a death threat
by phone against a female police officer in Denver who had attempted
to apprehend him when, three (3) years after a permanent restraining
order was granted, he continued to criminally harass and stalk
Doreen Bishop. A warrant was put out for his arrest, but White is
still running amok in Denver, posting his libelous falsehoods about
many people (including myself) from public libraries. White is also
sponsored by Ken Adachi on his website, Educate Yourself.


Barbara Hartwell

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Hartwell, Barbara

Contributed to Vol 1, A survivor of CIA MK ULTRA and PHOENIX Project, trained and utilized by CIA as a deep cover operative and professional CIA asset, under mind control programming, which the perpetrators of this mind control believed was "guaranteed under National Security".


Honey Trap Trickster?...or CIA Assassin?
No, not Chuck Barris ...Barbara Hartwell!

"...some people will believe anything they see in print or any scuttlebutt they hear; especially if it's
juicy enough to whet their appetite for the forbidden. The shadowy world of covert operations
seems to posess a dark force of gravity, compelling in and of itself. Perhaps, for the gullible,
the ignorant or the just-plain-stupid, such sensational rumours have 'sex appeal'.
Perhaps they serve to distract from the dull routine of everday life. Who knows ?

Although I was hoodwinked by Gunderson for the entire time of my
association with him (3 years in all) once I realized that I myself
was a target of these operations, and that Gunderson had been
planted on me by CIA (to attempt to "contain" me and stop me from
exposing truthful info about CIA/military black ops in which I had
been involved) I put as much distance between myself and Ted
Gunderson as possible.

I declined to testify against Ted in the Art Bell lawsuit when
Bell's lawyers approached me through another witness. This was
because in all fairness, at the time (1999) I did not have enough
relevant evidence to work with. For me, no matter what knowledge I
may possess, evidence and documentation are key.

That evidence came later, after I had lived through severe trauma
due to death threats, intimidation tactics and set ups, all of which
could be traced back to connections, in one way or another, with Ted
Gunderson and his criminal cronies. As a result of being targeted by
these criminals, my health was ruined and my financial situation
became so desperate that I had to beg money from family and friends,
just to avoid being thrown into the street, because I could not pay
my rent or other bills.

In fact, while still in communication with Gunderson, he himself had
called me several times (when I refused to cooperate with various
schemes Gunderson was running) telling me that, "They want you dead,
Barbara". I told Ted at that time that if that is what "they"
wanted, then they could take their best shot. That I was not about
to be intimidated or silenced. At certain times, I was also told
that I was being "protected" by Gunderson and that he had "arranged
for retaliation" against anyone who tried to put a hit on me. When
I thought back on this, it did not surprise me (whether true or not)
since I know from firsthand experience that this is the way
government criminals operate. They're just like the Mafia: If the
opposition takes out one of yours, you even the score by taking out
one of theirs. If in fact I did have any such "protection" it was
summarily removed, once I cut off my association with Ted Gunderson.

Ted Gunderson claims I am still being handled by CIA. That is a lie
also being promoted by other Gunderson minions and toadies, such as
Ken Adachi, Ted's primary mouthpiece and PR man for spreading
libelous disinformation. These individuals, such as Adachi and
White have never furnished ANY evidence to substantiate their many
libelous claims and outrageous lies against Barbara Hartwell and
others. This is because NO SUCH EVIDENCE EXISTS.

Once I severed my ties with Gunderson, a number of his cronies,
minions and dupes (too numerous to mention) were sent after me, all
of whom used various

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