"Truck Out"
"Truck Out" points:
Tue Mar 27, 2007 01:12

"Truck Out" points:

1. Bush is planning, in less than 45 days, to allow 17,000 or more Mexican trucks and truckers into our country with no checks and balances in place. Rigs will be allowed in with no weight regulations, no load restrictions (as their loads will not be under the same security scrutiny that our truckers’ loads have to comply to, which opens the door to more drugs, terrorists, weapons and human smuggling), some with no insurance in place, some truckers with no drivers licenses and criminal driving records, no background checks, and trucks that are not regulated to adhere to our strict safety regulations.

2. Once again the illegals will be given special treatment by our government, above that of our legal American citizens and legal immigrants, which allows them to break laws in our country that our truckers cannot get away with or their licenses would be pulled, their trucks impounded, and potentially criminally charged.

3. These truckers can haul for far less per load than our own truckers and will take their jobs. This is not a threat; it has been in the planning stages for several years now. American truckers will lose their jobs.

4. This constitutes a complete breakdown of the current trucking laws and regulations that govern our teamster truckers and Independent trucking organizations. This will work to destroy the truckers livelihoods and futures, as for many, this is all they have ever done.

5. We cannot allow this to happen, not even to test it. NAFTA is a failed international policy that has backfired on the U.S., and is driving our country into total ruin.

6. We invite our truckers to participate in a national "Truck Out" Boycott, on the 23-25 of April, to coincide with the www.FairUS.org rally planned in Washington DC, the “Put Their Feet to the Fire Press Conference Rally.”

7. The point is to shut all trucking down and surround every capital in every state with a convoy of trucks, cars and motorcycles to protest the corrupt plans our government has to destroy our trucking industry, and our nation. This will, in turn, shut all industry dependent on the truckers down, as many of these industries employee illegals. This will show our government that we do have power and will exercise it, and will not tolerate their refusal to do the will of the legal American citizens and immigrants in this country. We are demanding NO amnesty for illegal aliens, an end to the socialist/fascist corruption in our government by our elected officials who refuse to uphold our laws, our Constitution, their oaths of office, and the people who voted them into office. We are their bosses and it's time for them to stop ignoring us, blatantly breaking our laws, and twisting the truth to suit their own nefarious agendas.

8. Please join the "Truck Out" and e-mail inamericasince1700@yahoo.com for more information. A phone number is being set up and will be posted on the new web site: SaveAmericaFund.com and SaveAmerica.com.

There will be three sections to the web site:

1. The Truckers "Truck Out" Boycott.
2. The Legal Fund for class action law suits against the government, the states, cities and our elected officials.
3. Campaign donations for Tom Tancredo for President, which will be directed to his donation web site, TEAM TANCREDO.

Piety said, “I also have a press manager, Ed Lozzi, you can look up his web site. He is completely on board and will do a press release media blitz for us through his wire service that will reach 14,000 news rooms, magazines, talk shows, radio shows, journalists, etc. He has asked for the press release to be ready by April 1st, if we are going to have the full benefits of the release in time for the FAIRUS rally the 23-25th of April.”

Piety continued, “We also have a national short wave radio broadcaster who does short wave worldwide broadcasts, that is ready to do a broadcast for us, as often as we need it done, to reach the truckers and anyone else out there who wants to join this fight.”

Finally, “We are ready to start putting together PSA's for radio and television. We just need the way in to get them aired,” Piety said. “I have directors lined up and the scripts being written right now, and A and B-list talent that is willing to participate.”

Fellow Americans and truckers, it’s time to stop Bush from pulling the fifth wheel out from under our nation. Since Bush represents Mexicans more than Americans, it’s time to show him how to sing “Give Me Forty Acres and I’ll Turn This Rig Around.” Send this message to every trucker, every trucker chat room, message board, Owner/Operator Magazine, American Trucker, CB operators, short wave and Ham Radio Operators in America. Use these three days to make a statement with your 18 wheeler or you won’t have an 18 wheeler to drive by the time President Bush destroys American Trucker Jobs with Mexican drivers!

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