9/11 cell phone calls, NO WAY!!!
Wed Mar 28, 2007 15:54

9/11 cell phone calls, none of which were received by anybody

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And it is just coincidence that the transponders on all four
airliners went off at exactly the same time. And it is just
coincidence that the 8 black box flight recorders (2 per plane) were
all destroyed. Of course, we only know who was responsible because
of all those cell phone calls, none of which were received by anybody
other than government functionaries. Never mind that tests have
shown that cell calls are impossible in jets moving at the speed of
those involved in 9-11, because the cell towers are unable to
accommodate the necessary rate of transfer. And never mind that
virtually all those nasty Arabs identified almost immediately (though
they allegedly used false ID to board the planes) have been found
alive in various parts of the world since then. And never mind that
the only beneficiaries of 9-11 were the rogue state of Israel and the
rogue government of America. This happened on Bush's watch. He knew
beforehand or he knows now, exactly how it went down and who was
responsible. Either way, now it is on his neck.

So How Were Those 911 Cell Calls Made?

QUALCOMM Press Release

"Today, American Airlines and QUALCOMM showcased their
strength as
technology pioneers and market leaders in their respective
industries," said
Dan Garton, executive vice president of marketing for American
"American is committed to researching and providing innovative,
products and services that enhance our passengers' traveling
experience and
give our customers what they value. Even though commercial
availability of
cell phone use in flight is approximately 24 months away, American
knows that our customers want to stay connected and this proof-of-
event is an important step in bringing in-cabin wireless services to

American Airlines and QUALCOMM Complete
Test Flight to Evaluate In-Cabin Mobile Phone Use

FORT WORTH, Texas and SAN DIEGO - July 15, 2004 - QUALCOMM

The Strange Case Of The 911 Cell Phone Calls

September 2004

Last month, Qualcomm Corporation issued a press release
stating that
they had developed a new technology that would finally make it
possible to
make cellular phone calls from commercial airliners. Using a
called "Pico Cells", the system will work as a link between the
airliner and
ground towers. According to the press release, it is currently
impossible to
connect by cell phone in a plane that is above 4,000 feet.

(Anybody believing a thing that ZIONIST DISINFORMER John Perna yaps
should bang their heads...)

During the Republican National Convention in New York City
month, Deena Burnett, widow of Flight 93 victim Tom Burnett, spoke of
four telephone calls she received from her husband aboard the doomed
airliner on September 11th, all of which were received from his cell
one of which lasted 13 minutes.

With the FAA statement that Flight 93 never went below 29,000
until its' sudden fatal plunge, these two stories seem to be mutually
exclusive. Either it is possible to make cell phone calls from a
jetliner in flight at cruising altitude - or it isn't.

If it is already possible to use a cell phone on a plane, why
Qualcomm so excited about their Pico chip? If it is not possible to
do so,
there's an even bigger problem.

Because there are no survivors of any of the 911 planes, the
"eyewitness" testimony we have is the paraphrased transcripts of
phone calls
made to family members. This is where we get the descriptions
of "Arab
looking men" with knives and box cutters, talking about "Allah". It
is from
these calls we hear the immortal and heroic "Let's roll!".

(for the rest of the story...)


I myself have attempted to use a cell (handheld; digital &
above 4000 feet on several occasions and have never been able to do
it, nor
has anyone else that I have had the occasion to speak with
about this phenom -hardly scientific, to be sure, but telling,
At the very least, such a mode of communication is unreliable, at
best. -Hence the (now pulled) press release ...

Be that as it may: it is HIGHLY improbable that cell phone
were made from the planes
in question under the conditions originally described; It is
CERTAIN, however, that the event(s)
did not unfold along the lines commonly believed, as spun by

9/11 was not executed by a wild arab with a "cellphone &
headquartered in a cave in Afghanistan.

(What an incredible LIE the West swallowed on that one.)

Will Loving

The fallacy here is that you can't make cell calls from above
feet. Of course you can; depending on the position of the phone
within the
plane, the plane acts like a giant antenna. That's the reason why
cell use
has been banned on planes because sometimes the plane body does pick
up the
signal, amplifying it and causing all kinds of problems with the
communications. I think there may also be a distinction between
analog and
digital cell, with analog signals being able to travel much farther
and also
being more prone to causing interference

(BALONEY! Little tiny cell phones were banned only AFTER 911 to
prevent the PROPAGANDA from being EXPOSED!)

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