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Years ago, I heard Mark Gregory Koernke on the shortwave radio
warning about the "New World Order" the ADL and criminals in our
government setting up CONCENTRATION CAMPS in former military bases to
be used on Americans in the future. I bought some of his LOW PRICED
Videotapes and became a loyal fan. Watched as he was persecuted and
sent to prison on trumped up charges while PHONIES in the 'PAYtriot'
movement used his name and dilluted his message whilst making MONEY.
When he was sent away I was asked by Tony Liuzzo to spend time as
a 'guest host' on Mark's show on GCN sharing information. When 911
hit and we PROPERLY identified Israel as a co-culprit in STAGING the
event, the so-called alternative network setup a COINTELPRO OP and
pulled Mark's show.

Mark CONTINUED his efforts even in prison to study, write others and
do pro-se legal work for others. It seems the system NEVER broke
him. He's a fine example of one who 'WALKS his TALK.' While the
Bible tells us to never put our faith in 'men'... and I've been
disappointed by MANY 'claiming' to be 'patriots'.... so far I've
seen no reason to doubt Mark's word on a thing. For these reasons,
I've volunteered my time on Tuesday nights and others to co-host HIS
show. It was never 'mine.'

Mark finally was released after SEVEN YEARS for a crime he didn't
commit Thursday and went home after a short celebration and overnight
stay at a nearby hotel. MANY of us have hoped this would happen
without further games from the FEDs.

I got a call Sunday from Don Boetcher whom I've co-hosted the 'Intel
Report' with asking me to go up with him and Mark Sunday. We spent
TWO HOURS online at libertytreeradio summarizing events and
predictions. Though it was an unusual thrill and distinctive 'honor'
for me to be a part of this, I actually had little to say as Mark was
on a great roll and summarizing things VERY WELL as Mark has always
done. Mark himself won't make this a 'popularity' contest and will
probably actually work WITH those that intended him harm like John
Stadtmiller who phoned FEDs to get him arrested. Don Boetcher,
myself and others WILL NOT FORGET however the TREACHERY of these and
other individuals climbing on Mark's reputation to make a buck.
Mark's main theme however is to 'put all bullets downrange at our
shared enemy.' NOON here in Indiana and I'm hearing Jones talking
about Koernke on GCN in his opening statements agreeing that Mark
seems sharper and more intelligent than ever. Apparently I'll hear
Mark again in the 2nd hour of Jones show today. See: for info on hearing this in the ARCHIVES.
Archives updated three hours after the show finishes. Alex spent
quite a bit of time saying that Rosie O'Donnell has officially come
out and is pushing that 9-11 was an inside job!!!

Rosie O'Donnell Takes A Stand for 9/11 Truth
Talk show host lays out WTC 7 facts in blog
Even though she's been an anti-gun DUPE, Alex says this is important,
she's on the right side and IT'S NEWS!

CHEMTRAILS commercial was heard during Mark's hour. I didn't exactly
catch what was being sold but you can contact radioliberty, $32
for?? at 800-544-8927. Remember, CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL except to FED


3/19/07 Radio Your Way....

"The Charles Goyette Show) 6 Am to 9 am 1100 AM KFNX Phx AZ
Guest: Helen Thomas...Watch Dogs of Democracy....


MORE: Mark Gregory Koernke

Mark as with ANY guest of 'Jones' had to work to keep his train of
thought and message on track. That doesn't happen on
libertytreeradio. I HIGHLY recomend getting the month's CD-ROM for
$15! Mark REPEATED his Israeli MOSSAD NUKE attack scenario in the
last half of the last hour. He mentioned Jacksonville FL and
Charleston SC again. EAST COAST.
This dumps the radioactive fallout into the Atlantic ocean. He said
to WATCH for ADL and other FED PROPAGANDA to evacuate people BEFORE
THE EVENT! Just as over 3000 Israeli's WERE WARNED before 911!
Something that Jones has DENIED previously but IS TRUE! Mark
compared these evacuee's to 'canaries' as Miners would use to warn of
bad air conditions in mine shafts. Because these SECULAR ZIONIST
scum don't believe in 'God' they do work to save their own.
NOTE Alex's sensitivity when a caller 'Weston' calls in and says Mark
is the 'commander of the resistance.' Alex desperately wants to
remain 'top dog.' I say DOG PERIOD but again Mark will work with
anybody to keep ammo fired downrange at the enemy. UNBELIEVABLE!!
In the last few minutes I actually heard Jones say: "Well, I've
talked to Ted and tried to get Mark back on the air at Genesis."
This after Jones worked to get Koernke's show OFF GCN with

One thing most people seem to agree on and Mark said it is that Ron
Paul should be voted for PRESIDENT!

Sent: Monday, March 19, 2007 2:00 PM
Subject: JONES cut Mark Kroenke (sp) off

What is it with Jones that he cuts people off all the time and
changes subjects.

He has to be the big shot and control, but how much is he controlling
the information and is it on purpose? Jones went off on the NY thing!
What is it with him?
Excited misery sells with Jones, but why didn't he just let Mark
TALK! Jones will not get out of the way! OKAY, LET'S GO TO CALLS.

Resend info and times on Mark's show.

I am seeing more and more your position on Israel and I have changed
mine from where I was several months ago, pre Larry.

Still socked in really awful.


DOUBLE UNREAL!!! It's now 5pm here and I happened to be listening to
Scummiller praising Mark and saying he may call in and if not he'll
be scheduled another time. Again, Mark's ideology embraces getting
the message out ANY WAY HE CAN even if he has to use those who
haven't been nice to him. (Putting it mildly....)
Turns out the show I'm listening to was aired last week.

Mark's Sunday two hour program and the WHOLE MONTH OF MARCH is
available on CD-ROM for $15 as a monthly compilation of 'Intel
Reports' ARE from Eddie Mark's son. Just write to the address
You can also possibly hear it online HERE:

During Sunday's program, Mark echoed the sentiments of Jim Condit Jr.
at Mark expects Israeli MOSSAD to STAGE A
WAR. He differs on his opinion as to the location of this attack but
does feel it'll be on the East Coast. Possibly Jeb Bush controlled
Florida or even the previously mentioned Charleston S.C. where
NUKE 'drills' and a TV show have been done. He further pointed out
how immediately after 911 29,000 FOREIGN TROOPS were brought into
this country under the GUISE of protection from 'terrorism.' This is
EXACTLY the kind of thing Mark warned of BEFORE his 'vacation' at the
monestary as he's jokingly called it. He also mentioned 'HEARTLAND
Security' having been planned before the OKC bombing and the media
stopped talking about it untill 911 when it was re-named 'HOMELAND'
Security {GESTAPO} This was because it pertained to the
Oklahoma 'REGION' as the U.S. has been divided up into TEN REGIONS
for REGIONAL GOVERNMENT. Just as was mentioned in the movie 'Star
Wars.' 'Heartland' was a name given to an area in the ONE TIME
SHOWN ABC miniseries 'Amerika.' Several times he mentioned
the 'President of Mexico... BUSH' referring to the
planned 'Balkanization' of the U.S. for internal conflict.
Apparently he's written several BOOKS that will now be published and
will resume efforts on a video that will educate people in a visual
way how to actually PHYSICALLY COMBAT NWO efforts.

COPYING VIDEOS! We've got MORE than enough videos and material to
see whom the bad guys REALLY are! Now it's time to take this country
back and kick the 'FABIAN SOCIALISTS' as Mark calls them OUT OF THIS
COUNTRY! Efforts will be made to educate others on FIREARMS care and
maintenance and actually PHYSICALLY COMBATING the globalists WHEN the
time comes. He, I and others believe it's not a matter of 'if' but
WHEN as more Americans wake up and are backed against the wall.

Mark was targeted for the reasons above to be SILENCED. Similarly
why ZIO-NAZI types work fruitlessly to silence me and others on Yahoo
groups. Please NOTE that I continually have to change email
addresses for this reason while DISINFORMERs continue to SPAM and
harass others with impunity. Discerning minds will note that while
some of these call others 'FEDs', they themselves support FED
positions on CHEMTRAILS, Arabs pulled 911, militia's BAD etc.


Battling these 'turds' over time has allowed me to actually SPEED and
BYPASS their vain efforts. For example, in Yahoo you simply create a
new ID and resign up to groups and continue posting. [By the way,
THANKS to those moderators for continuing to approve new ID's.] I've
found 'SMART MACROS' that perform repetitive mindless functions that
speed this process up greatly. By deleting IDs these mensa MORONS
actually BYPASS any spam blocking assigned to a previous ID actually
assisting furthering the information previously blocked. Those
WATCHING what's happening now see that when DISINFORMERS whine about
CENSORSHIP, then work WITH scumbag ADL, SPLC and CIA types like
Barbara Hartwell and their ILK.... Well, they are what they accuse
others of being. Duh! Again anybody curious can email or PHONE us
and if you're passing through the SW Indiana area VISIT and see how
we live here. We're certainly NOT living high on the hog on any
government paychecks! A teeny tiny pathetic COUNTY paycheck that my
poor wife works her tail off for YES. Always work to VERIFY what is
said. Just as I've done with Stew Webb and his FRAUDulent scrounging
for money for a lawsuit against Bush he and Hartwell NEVER FILED!

And just what did you think he was doing? Double DUH! Just remember
to apply these words to that poster. Amusingly, when I posted our
phone number online, one caller out of ten actually THREATENED to
chase me down no matter what ISP we used to send out information. As
usual when these MORONS try to pull crap, their efforts usually
NOW we actually have direct access to FOUR local ISPs

"When you're over the target, expect lots of 'FLACK.'" Our local
prosecuter may file charges for the lame 'threat' and has tracked the
call to a KNOW zionist disrupter.

Yes folks I CHOOSE to ally with a man like Koernke accused of being
a 'FELON' who was guilty of NOTHING. A man accused of being 'anti-
government' who really LOVES his country and the constitution. In
fact, Mark mentioned holding the 'CITIZEN's RULE BOOK' and asks that
EVERYBODY GET A COPY! Just put a dollar or more in an envelope and
get a one. These have copies of the CONSTITUTION and BILL of RIGHTS
and more.

Again send $15 for the entire month of March 'Intel Report' shows.
For ALL THREE of Mark's 'America in Peril' videos send just $30 to:

Write: PBN (or Mark Koernke)
P.O. Box 194
Dexter, Michigan 48130

Email addresses:  that's
and  that's

Websites: Mark's PRIMARY website soon to be

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