A few more FACTS ignored by government
Wed Mar 14, 2007 19:26

If you think 9-11 was a "terrorist" attack, explain these facts with the
inconsistency of the "official stories" !!

A FEMA spokesman stated on the Dan Rather Show just days after 9-11 that
they,(FEMA) arrived in NY Monday night ready to spring into action Tuesday
Morning !!!

ALL KINDS of FEMA and FBI "COATS" were in the streets just minutes after the
first "crash" !!! "springing" into ACTION !!!

NORMALLY, the first people "police" look at are those who benifit from the
CRIME !! That certainly isn't Arabs or Muslims in this case !!

Where the HELL were the F16's on 9-11?? Golfer Payne Steward had 2 on him in minutes after straying off course??
This was National Defense Protocols until AFTER 9-11 !!!!

What about the men seen celebrating and video taping the crashes from the top of that "moving systems" building as they occurred???

Or those seen celebrating on top of a Israeli "moving systems" van in a park.

Or the "owner" of that "business" who fled before he could be questioned???

Or the 250+ "Israeli" art student(Spies) picked and deported after 9-11

What about the Israeli "investment" groups that profitted from the "PUTS' prior to 9-11???

Or the fact that all Jews recieved messages not to come to work in the WTC's or were told to leave on 9-11???

Afghanistan and Iraq were attacked and hundreds of thousands of innocent people murdered on far less "evidence"!!!!

Saudi Arabia reported 6-7 of the men who were supposed to have been on those planes alive on working in the Mideast right after their names were released by the FBI. These men were interviewed by several foreign news services after 9-11 but this was never shown in Amerika's Zionist comntrolled "news".

It was announced over a radio station here in October that 1 of the men who was supposed to have died in the Pennsylvania crash was picked up on immigration charges. I called the station to get more info and got stonewalled by the station manager !!!

If you think 9-11 was a "TERRORIST" attack ON Amerika, THINK AGAIN !!

As anyone with half a brain can figure out, it WAS NOT a 757 that hit the Pentagon !!

Go to any search engine, I used Google, and type in 757. A fully loaded 757 can weigh over 250,000 pounds !!! It can carry over 11,000 gallons of fuel !!! = 90,000+ pounds of fuel !!!

A 757 fuselage stands 29 feet tall.
The initial SINGLE hole in the Pentagon ,before the collapse, was only about 12 feet in diameter ????

Each engine, mounted about 20 feet AWAY from the body on the wings, weighs over 35,000 pounds.
The only SIGNIFICANT penetration was the single hole in which parts for ONE engine were found ???

It should have looked like this !!
Engine, Fuselage, Engine= o 0 o With the engines penatrating MUCH farther than the fuselage !!

The "plane" hit the ground before hitting the Pentagon.

There was NO LANDING GEAR ???
There was NO LUGGAGE. ???
There were NO SEATS ???
There were NO BODIES ???

A 757 has a wing span of almost 125 ft. There was no WING damage to the building There was no WING DEBRIS!!!

Much of the Fuel is carried in the wings, There was VERY little fire outside the SINGLE hole !!

Each engine is about 20 feet away from the fuselage. There were NO holes made by any engines outside the fuselage hole. These engines would have gone through the Pentagon walls like Torpedoes yet there was only 1,ONE hole, not 3,THREE !!!

Do the same with a 767 !!! Which is significantly bigger than a 757. They can weigh over 300,000 pounds

Then look at pictures of the ""plane"" crashing into the WTC's !!! They only cover 1, ONE story of the buildings and go COMPLETLY IN !!. A 767 tail is over 40 feet tall.

A 767 would cover 3, THREE story's of those buildings !!
The tail 4 story's. A 767 would not have gone completely into those buildings !! It could not fit between the floors as what hit them did !! Some wing and tail debris would have fallen to the street !!

NOW !! Try and get your CON-gressmen to explain these discrepancies !! Bet they won't even reply !!!

Remember the golfer Payne Steward, When his plane went off course ?? He got 2 F-16's on him immediately, it was the AUTO-MATIC National Defense Protocol until AFTER 9-11 !!! 67 times before 9-11, wayward aircraft were intercepted and escorted.

Each one of these 4 "planes" flew over major Military Bases and into the most heavily defended airspace in Amerika and not 1 F-16 was scrambled until it was TOOOO LATE ???

A FEMA spokesman stated on the Dan Rather show right after 9-11 that "FEMA arrived in New York Monday night ready to spring into action Tuesday morning!!!!! ??? How did they know were to be and when ????

And while your at it, try explaining why Building #7 crashed just as 1 & 2 did and it was not hit by any "plane" ???

Larry Silverstein stated on National TV that he ordered it "pulled" ??
Get him to EXPLAIN what he meant by "PULLED" ????

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