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*Dear Friends*
*I am back from my tour from UK and we have great news. The Press on
every city was fair, balanced and positive to our mission. While there,
BBC showed their hit piece on 9/11 but did not have me on National news
to debate the points that no all the victims but the ones they showed,
support their views. Interesting fact is, that every BBC radio on every
city I visited on the tour, had me on usually for an hour and never was
I disrespected or accused. As a matter of fact, I had a filming crew
with me on most of these interviews and after each visit you may see and
hear the radio hosts agreeing that the truth is not what they sold us.
This film , once edited, will be available to further our mission of
truth. We received usually 2 page spreads on the newspapers of every
city. (www.last-man-out.com http://www.last-man-out.com > ) . Many of
you already know that I have to cancel the last 5 presentations due to
my wife Elizabeth losing our first baby. To all of you that sent
condolences, thank you and God bless you.*
*William Rodriguez*
*Below, there is some of the comments. I will post and send all the
published materials as I digitize them.*
http://www.lancasterukonline.net/news/news_archive/2007/archive_02_07_i.html#911 *
William Rodriguez holds up the master key for the World Trade Centre
North Tower9/02/07: I’m almost afraid of writing about this campaign -
since I reported on it before I’ve been accused of supporting
anti-semitism, branded a loony – it’s a can of worms all right.
There is a conspiracy theory and then there’s a conspiracy theory about
the conspiracy theory – and so it goes on. So let’s just stick to what
can be proven, and steer clear of the axe-grinding and the name-calling.
I saw William Rodriguez speak last night at St Martin's College at the
invitation of the 9/11 Truth Campaign UK. He was the janitor of the twin
towers on 9/11. He talked about events on the day, and every word he
said can be corroborated, and I believe him.
I’m not going to repeat it all, except to draw attention to the first
person he rescued, Felipe David, the first casualty out of the towers on
9/11. Felipe suffered 30% burns in a major explosion, in the basement.
He managed to climb to a higher level to find people were still reeling
from the force of the explosion beneath, when they then heard a second
explosion happen high above – as the first plane hit the building. It
was only when his rescuer, William Rodriguez, had carried him up to
ground level and out of the building that they found out about the
plane. Prior to that they guessed that a main generator had exploded in
the basement.
Rodriguez speaks passionately about survivors and the victims’ families
being continuously exploited for anti-democratic ends which they
publicly and consistently objected to – not only the invasions of
Afghanistan and Iraq, but also the wholesale abolition of hard won civil
liberties that has taken place in the US and the UK.
He does not attribute blame but he speaks articulately and specifically
about survivors’ testimony being repeatedly suppressed and excluded from
the 9/11 commission report – the commission that only came about because
they strenuously campaigned for it.
And he is passionately angry about the fact that the Federal Aviation
Authority erased the tape recording of radio transmissions from the
flight that allegedly hit the Pentagon and then de-materialised, before
it was made available to any investigation or enquiry, on the pretext
that hearing it would only cause pain to the victim’s relatives.
“This was an illegal suppression of evidence that was never punished or
even investigated. If you lose someone close to you, do not let anyone
ever tell you that you don’t have any right to know, or to try to find
out, how it happened.”
There’s a lot more – too much to cover here.
I have not heard a word of anti-semitism at either of the two meetings
I’ve been to, which involved films and speakers (I’ve heard elsewhere of
a conspiracy to blame it all on Zionists, apparently because of a film
called/ Loose Change/, which I haven’t seen, made by two US teenagers
who have since concluded that they made some errors, and another to
blame it on apocalypse-seeking Christian far-right fundamentalists but
I’ve only heard about them from people who are opposed to those alleged
conspiracies, so I really don’t want to get into all that. Let’s face
it, I also heard the Bush administration blame it on a bunch of named
‘Islamic terrorists’ who mostly turned out to be alive and innocent.).
The only person in this campaign that I have heard actually attribute
blame is David Shaylor, the ex-MI5 whistleblower, who points to
long-standing links between the CIA and Al-Quaida (originally
CIA-funded) and tells us what we already know, that the US needs a lot
of oil, more per capita than any other nation; that as global oil
supplies dwindle it would be unthinkable for the US to find itself
without oil while potentially competing powers (such as Iran) still had
significant reserves – and equally unthinkable for the people of the US
to adapt to alternative forms of energy / lifestyle in the available
timespan if there was any way to avoid it; that a clique of oil industry
hawks in the Bush administration had for years been openly advocating
military intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran to secure the
world’s major oil reserves for the US. (They hadn’t forseen that doing
so would bring about a coalition of opposition and that this would
become in due course potentially the most appallingly costly and
self-destructive mission the US would ever attempt). They had referred
explicitly to the need for a ‘Pearl Harbour’ event to overcome
opposition to war.
9/11 instantly became that Pearl Harbour.
See www.911truthcampaign.net. http://www.911truthcampaign.net />

*William Rodriguez *
*Last Survivor of the North Tower of the WTC
*/President of The Hispanic Victims Group
//9/11 United Services Group/
/Family Advisory Council LMDC/
Personal website: www.911keymaster.com http://www.911keymaster.com />
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Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice.
They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight.

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