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The Atrocities at Ruby Ridge - 2 hour documentary Video:
Mon Mar 5, 2007 10:37


The Atrocities at Ruby Ridge - 2 hour documentary Video:

Charges dropped in Ruby Ridge case

Prosecutor declines to prosecute FBI sniper in Ruby Ridge case

First They Came For The Fascists....
by Gerry Spence

Randy Weaver's wife was dead, shot through the head while she clutched her
child to her breast. His son was shot, twice. First they shot the child's
arm, probably destroyed the arm. The child cried out. Then, as the child
was running they shot him in the back. Randy Weaver himself had been shot
and wounded and Kevin Harris, a kid the Weavers had all but adopted was
dying of a chest wound. The blood hadn't cooled on Ruby Hill before the
national media announced that I had taken the defense of Randy Weaver. Then
all hell broke loose. My sister wrote me decrying my defense of this
"racist". There were letters to the editors in several papers that
expressed their disappointment that I would lend my services to a person
with Weaver's beliefs. And I received a letter from my close friend Alan
Hirschfield, the former chairman of chief executive officer of Columbia
Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox, Imploring me to withdraw.

He Wrote:

"After much thought I decided to write this letter to you. It represents a
very profound concern on my part regarding your decision to represent Randy
Weaver. While I applaud and fully understand your motives in taking such a
case, I nonetheless find this individual defense troubling. It is so
because of the respectability and credibility your involvement imparts to a
cause which I find despicable.
.(....remainder of letter deleted for brevity, but wanted Gerry to not
defend Weaver, as it would support the militant groups......)

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