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The Police State Road Map,
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The Police State Road Map

March 2005 edition. Revised and updated.
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USRD - Universal Sensor Remoting Device

USRD is designed to remotely control and retrieve data from multiple sensors and transfer data to a base station, the Universal Sensor Remote Device allows for the remote control of a wide variety of sensors through wired and wireless communications. This system was designed to be highly extensible so that new sensors can be added easily.

In order to remotely control a wide variety of sensors, USRD is equipped with 2 serial ports and a framegrabber that can capture 4 different analog RS-170 video sources. An A/D card is an optional accessory that can be used to talk to other sensors.

USRD can communicate its information back to its base station through a variety of different mechanisms including wired RS-232, Ethernet, wireless radio modem for long-range/low bandwidth communications, and wireless LAN card for short-range/high speed data transmissions.


Universal National Service Act of 2007 (Introduced in House)
HR 393 IH

Dr Paul Buchanan,a former Central Intelligence Agency adviser and
senior politics lecturer at Auckland University told Radio Australia
intelligence gathering was part of the process of expanding Chinas
influence in the region.

He said China was using members of its expatriate community as
spies to monitor areas of economic, political and military interest.

Dr Buchanan said China was seeking to improve its historically
poor intelligence capability in the Pacific.

Last November,after the Security Intelligence Service said in its 06 annual
report that 22 domestic interception warrants in NZ were in force,Dr Buch-
anan said the threat of espionage; especially by Chinese as they sought
to boost their influence in the South Pacific - was much more real.

If they are going to be the next superpower,they have no choice but to
expand their intelligence gathering.

He said China would be interested in NZ's small military technology
industry,events in the resource-rich Pacific and monitoring dissidents
such as Falun Gong and even Chinese students.

Its perfectly rational for the Chinese to go about this business,but on the
other hand its perfectly reasonable for New Zealand to be worried about it.

He said procuring quality intelligence was vital as it would ensure
intelligence in return from foreign powers who were worried about
Chinas expansion but relied on local sources.



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