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Witness to Mass Murder by the Bush Crime Family
Did HBO Cover-Up Bomb Evidence At The WTC On 9/11
Mon Mar 5, 2007 23:15

Did HBO television deliberately delete frames of video used in their 2002 documentary 'In Memorium - 9/11/2001', that revealed the ... all detonation of an apparent exploive device at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001?

Can the major corporate media be relied upon to provide the public with complete information or is it simply an establishment tool used to shape public opinions and manufacture desired outcomes?

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Did HBO Cover-Up Bomb Evidence At The WTC On 9/11?
Posted Mar 5, 2007 04:37 PM PST
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But this video cleary reveals that there were explosive devices pre-planted in the World Trade Center on 9/11 before the remote controlled drones hit the WTC and Pentagon that were flown remotely by high level assets on assignment with NORAD that link to the MOSSAD and the CIA and the Bush International Crime Operations and their corporate criminally guided Oil industry. All of these elements, consortiums, hierarchies must all be found and jailed to be further judged by the people to be thus rendered capital punishment immediately along with Silverstein, the owner who pulled bldg #7 and as well as the Windsor Knighted Rudy Guiliani who while serving as the mayor of New York must be immediately jailed until he brings states evidence on his involvement with this entire Bush Cheney Skull & Bones mass murder and mass fraud upon the American and World peoples.

They must all be fully immediately held criminally accountable NOW for spreading Depleted Uranium Particulate throughout the entire atmosphere of Planet Earth. Rudy Giuliani had prior warning that the WTC complex was going to collapse and moved his 9/11 emergency office three blocks away just fifteen minutes before the Twin Towers were to collapse that further murdered more then three thousand innocent people and that later will have mass murdered more then one hundred thousand people due to further residual atmospheric contanimation. Silverstein mentions during his PBS interview that he was authorized by Mayor Giuliani to pull building number 7. Marvin Bush and the entire Bush family should be immediately arrested and the entire United States Congress and Senate be put on House Arrest NOW until further notice. The 173 trillion dollars as revealed by the "Leo Wanta" matter must be immediately seized that was instrumentally stolen by the Bush Clinton Crime operations and this money must be immediately utilized to repay the entire planet back for these organized criminals intention to mass murder off millions of people in their attempt to destroy the entire human race. Be made aware that on if it is still their that one of Rudy Giuliani's mayors office employees, a young African/American girl, is clearly viewed walking down the side walk near the WTC just before the towers were to collapse warning people that the mayors offices is alerting people to leave the area immediately.

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+ Did HBO Cover-Up Bomb Evidence At The WTC On 9/11 — Witness to Mass Murder by the Bush Crime Family, Mon Mar 5 23:15


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