Demand a New 9/11 Investigation!
Thu Mar 8, 2007 13:47

Senior Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement,
and Government Officials Question
the 9/11 Commission Report

Many well known and respected senior U.S. military officers, intelligence services and law enforcement veterans, and government officials have expressed significant criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report or have made public statements that contradict the Report. Several even allege government complicity in the terrible acts of 9/11. This website is a collection of their public statements. It should be made clear that none of these individuals are affiliated with this website.

Listed below are statements by more than 80 of these senior officials. Their collective voices give credibility to the claim that the 9/11 Commission Report is tragically flawed. These individuals cannot be simply dismissed as irresponsible believers in some 9/11 conspiracy theory. Their sincere concern, backed by their decades of service to their country, demonstrate that criticism of the Report is not irresponsible, illogical, nor disloyal, per se. In fact, it can be just the opposite. (continued below)

Demand a New 9/11 Investigation!


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My FINAL response to this chap... I’m afraid I’ve exhausted all patience. Perhaps one of you would like to take it from here. The only reason I hung in this long is because has a HUGE liberal following...

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I suggest you begin by perusing

What you first need to clearly understand is that the “official conspiracy theory” is utterly laughable.

If you actually believe that:

19 Arab amateurs (7 of whom are alive — mistaken IDs, you know)...
Led by a man in a cave in Afghanistan...
None of who could solo a Cessna 172...
Hijacked four 200,000-lb jetliners...
Flew around America for almost 2 hours...
Outwitted the most sophisticated multi-trillion-dollar air defense system in the world...
then expertly flew these aircraft into towers that were designed to take multiple hits from similar-sized jetliners...
Then caused two of these towers to defy the laws of physics...

If you actually believe this nonsense, I’m afraid you’re beyond hope.

Eric, you don’t need “experts” to figure out the simple physics involved; all you need is a STOPWATCH.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for the towers to have collapsed at freefall speeds unless the supporting structure beneath them was blown out of the way with explosives.

This is exactly what happens in a controlled demolition.

My 15-year-old son figured this out without any help — when he was thirteen.

I give up.


From: Eric Garris
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I would like to see experts address each claim. Most of what I see from the "Truth" and "Scholars" group are matter-of-fact statements without providing corroboration. I don't want to hear a professor of myth (religion) explain things to me, I want real experts, and not taken out of context. Most of his claims don't make sense to me. Disproving one position doesn't prove a random alternative position. Neither make sense to me. Are there ANY members of this group who are actual building design or demolition experts? Are there any physicists other than that dental technician and the kooky Stephen Jones (who believes in all sorts of crazy stuff about a Mayan Jesus) in these groups?

The more I read from them the more I am convinced they are being fed a load of government disinfo.

At 10:52 AM 3/8/2007, you wrote:


Re the individuals who’ve endorsed Prof. Griffin’s work: For whatever it’s worth, through my yearsof involvement in the Scholars group, I’m personally acquainted with many of them ­ and hundreds of others of high caliber. I suggest you visit this site and read what 110 other professors have to say about 9/11 having been an inside job:

While there, you might also check out the plethora of other highly reputable individuals who agree ( ...I guarantee you it’ll blow your mind., I have indeed visited and perused that site. They cannot, and will not, respond to the fundamental questions we pose. They skirt around them.

But then, I’m not surprised ­ neither could, or would, NIST, the vaunted National Institute of Standards and Technology, who will not address a single one of these points. So I can’t see how can explain away these arguments, when NIST themselves, through their own admission, cannot!

NIST’s “report” to this day, states in regard to Building 7, “the reason for the collapse remains unknown”.

But then, it’s hardly surprising ­ to refute the points we raise, one would have to re-write the laws of physics.

Incidentally, you’re not alone in trying to give this matter serious thought ­ I, too, felt exactly the same way when I was dragged kicking and screaming to the trough by a pilot colleague 4 years ago.

After 4 years of full-time research ­ I actually began hoping to refute this as ‘nonsense’ -- there is absolutely no doubt in my mind: 9/11 was an inside job.

To arrive at any other conclusion, I’d necessarily need to turn my back not only on modern scientific thinking, but on logic and common sense as well.

For instance, the molten metal ­ this is impossible for kerosene to achieve. If it could, your camping stove would never make it back home in one piece ­ it’d come back a grotesquely twisted metal ingot.

How do we know there was molten metal in the basements of the three towers? Please see below.

Then of course, the chaps at would likely dismiss these and hundreds of other witnesses as suffering from mass hallucinations.

Kind regards,


How do we know there was molten metal down in the basements of the Twin Towers and Building 7?

NB: Jet fuel is nothing more than refined kerosene ­ the stuff you use in your camping stove without fear of it ever melting the grille. In the case of the Twin Towers, a relatively paltry 10,000 gallons of it is said to have MELTED HUNDREDS OF TONS OF HIGH-GRADE CONSTRUCTION STEEL.

While “10,000 gallons” might appear to be a huge amount, in reality it is a relatively miniscule volume: approximately 11’x11’x11’ -- about the size of just one of the thousands of small offices in the Towers ­ relatively speaking, a pinprick on the huge structures.

But even that’s quite beside the point. You see, kerosene simply does not possess the thermodynamic potential to melt steel. Period. No, not even a million gallons of it can.

First, watch this video clip of a NYFD fireman speak of havng seen “Streams of molten metal...running like in a foundry”:

"Feeling the heat and seeing the molten steel reminded me of a volcano.”
­ Mt. St. Helens volcano disaster veteran Ron Burger, public health advisor at the National Center for Environmental Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

"There are fires burning and molten steel flowing in the pile of ruins still settling beneath our feet."
­ Sarah Atlas, Urban Search and Rescue, New Jersey

"...The heat was so intense we encountered rivers of molten steel."
­NYFD firefighter, as reported in the New York Post, 3/3/04; also in documentary film, “The First 24 Hours”

"Fires are still actively burning and the smoke is very intense. In some pockets now being uncovered, they are finding molten steel."
­ Alison Geyh, PhD, Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health

"...We descended deep below street level to areas where underground fires still burned and steel flowed in molten streams."
­A reporter with rare access to the debris at ground zero, quoted in the book, “American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center” by William Langewiesche

"...The streams of molten metal that leaked from the hot cores and flowed down broken walls inside the foundation hole."
­The same journalist referred to above, in “American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center” by William Langewiesche <>

“...A fire truck 10 feet below the ground that was still burning two weeks after the Tower collapsed. Its metal was so hot that it looked like a vat of molten steel."
­Vance Deisingnore, OSHA Officer at WTC, to Jim McKay, Post-Gazette Staff Writer, on September 11, 2002

"...A combination of an uncontrolled fire and the structural damage might have been able to bring the building down, but that would not explain steel members in the debris pile that appear to have been PARTLY EVAPORATED in extraordinarily high temperatures"
­A fire safety expert, about World Trade Center building 7. NB: Evaporation means conversion from a liquid to a gas; so the steel beams in building 7 were subjected to temperatures high enough to melt and evaporate them.

“...There were fires still burning and molten steel still running 21 days after the attacks.”
­James M. Williams, President, Structural Engineers Association of Utah, in SEAU News, Volume VI, Issue 11, October 2001

"They showed us many fascinating slides ranging from molten metal, which was still red hot weeks after the event."
­A structural engineer, quoted in the September 3, 2002 issue of The Structural Engineer magazine, Page 5

"One fireman told us that there was still molten steel at the heart of the towers' remains. Firemen sprayed water to cool the debris down but the heat remained intense enough at the surface to melt their boots."
­Guy Lounsbury, a member of New York Air National Guard's 109th Air Wing, who was at Ground Zero from September 22 to October 6

"in the early days, the streams of molten metal that leaked from the hot cores and flowed down broken walls inside the foundation hole."
-- William Langewiesche, the only journalist to have unrestricted access to Ground Zero during the cleanup operation

“...As we get closer and closer to the center it gets hotter and hotter... it’s’s like an oven inside, bright, bright, orangish color, at least 1500 degrees...and it’s six weeks later!”
­Unidentified NYFD fireman in OSHA documentary film of ground zero

"There are pieces of steel being pulled out from as far as six stories underground that are still cherry red...and the blaze is so far beyond a normal fire that it is nearly impossible to draw conclusions about it based on other fires."
­Don Carson, a hazardous materials expert for the National Operating Engineers Union, six weeks after 9/11 <>

"for about two and a half months after the attacks, in addition to its regular duties, NYDS played a major role in debris removal -- everything from molten steel beams to human remains...."
­Kathy Dawkins, New York City Department of Sanitation (NYDS) spokesperson, in Waste Age magazine, April 1, 2002

"Underground it was still so hot that molten metal dripped down the sides of the wall from Building 6."
­Worker involved with the organizing of demolition, excavation and debris removal operations at ground zero, in a Staff Statement to the 9/11 Commission

“...a steel beam being lifted from deep underground at Ground Zero was dripping from the molten steel."
­Joe O'Toole, Bronx firefighter, to reporter Jennifer Lin of the Philadelphia Inquirer...05/29/2002

"Underground, it was still so hot that molten metal dripped down the sides of the wall from Building 6”
--Ken Holden, who was involved with the organizing of demolition, excavation and debris removal operations at Ground Zero, in his testimony to the 9/11 Commission (which, as we now know, was ignored)

“...This was the longest-burning structural fire in history, even though it rained heavily on September 14, 2001 and again on September 21, 2001, and the fires were sprayed with high tech fire-retardants, and firetrucks sprayed a nearly constant jet of water on ground zero...You couldn't even begin to imagine how much water was pumped in was like you were creating a giant lake..."
­Tom Manley of the Uniformed Firefighters Association, the largest fire department union.

“...New York firefighters recall ‘heat so intense they encountered rivers of molten steel’....
­ New York Post, 3/3/2004

And in the event all of the individuals quoted above were victims of a mass hallucination, a reassuring piece of NASA infrared imagery that reflects the molten byproducts of this mysterious new “Super Kerosene”...

The following are NASA Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) images taken to locate and measure the WTC site’s hot spots...


Dr. Frank Gayle, who led the steel forensics aspects of NIST’s investigation of the WTC collapses, said:

"Your gut reaction would be the jet fuel is what made the fire so very intense, a lot of people figured that’s what melted the steel. Indeed it didn’t, the steel did not melt."
--ABC News 7 (New York), 2/7/2004

So, if the jet fuel was not the cause of all the molten metal, WHAT CAUSED IT?

Hint: A byproduct of the explosive Thermite is MOLTEN IRON.

“...this molten metal is a direct evidence for the use of high-temperature explosives, such as thermite, used to deliberately bring down the WTC towers...”
-- Steven E. Jones, Professor of Physics, Brigham Young University, as reported in the Utah Deseret Morning News


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