Dianne Feinstein (CFR,TC, BB)
Thu Mar 8, 2007 23:45

There were 4,426 listed CFR members as of 1994. A large number of them are/were working in the executive branch, the cabinet, nearly every management level of the Diplomatic Corps and the Pentagon including the top military brass. Listed below are just a few present and past members of congress complicit within David Rockefeller’s oligarchy:
Senators and ex-senators:

Dianne Feinstein (CFR,TC, BB) Olympia Snow (CFR)

Paul Sarbanes (CFR/TC) Christopher Dodd (CFR/TC)

Jon Kyl (CFR/ TC) John D. Rockefeller (CFR, TC, BB)

John McCain (CFR) Bob Graham (CFR)

Joseph Liberman (CFR/TC) Timothy Wirth (CFR)

Harris Wolford (CFR) Thad Cochran (CFR)

Bill Frist (CFR) Byron L. Dorgan (CFR)

Charles Hagel (CFR, TC, BB) Richard Lugar (CFR/TC)

Charles Robb (CFR) John Kerry (CFR)

William Roth, Jr. (CFR) John Chafee, Sr. (CFR)

Charles Schumer (CFR) Charles Robb

William Cohen (CFR, TC) Daniel Moynihan (CFR)

House and ex-House members: John Lewis, David Dreier, Sam Gejdenson, Thomas E. Petri, Richard A. Gephardt, Charles B. Rangel, Newton L. Gingrich, John M. Spratt, Lee Hamilton (CFR, TC, BB), Jim Leach (CFR, TC, BB), Henry Hyde, Susan Molinari, Esteban Torres, Arno Houghton, Barney Frank, Howard Berman, Ed Pastor, Jim Kolbe, Louis Stokes, Robert Matsui

The Annual Reports of the CFR are available free from 212-434-9400 from New York, and contain the entire updated membership list each year. The 2006 Report contains 4282 names.
It was founded in 1921, with a goal and purpose of bringing about a One World Socialist Government. W.A.

[1] Imagined power; the secret life of Colonel House by the historian David M. Esposito posted on Google

[2] The Iron Triangle, Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group by Dan Briody

[3] ibid, page 81

[4] Miguel A. Faria Jr., MD. Cuba and the Council on Foreign Relations, February 15, 2001, NewsMax.com


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