Brian Quig 8-2-99 Edited 8-17-01
Remember, after McVeigh was "captured"
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Brian Quig 8-2-99 Edited 8-17-01

Remember, after McVeigh was "captured" the FBI made the statement that they considered the man standing next to McVeigh at Elliot's renting the truck (who became John Doe #2) to be "far more dangerous than McVeigh"? This individual has been a major focus of my recent research. No one before me has gotten this most important aspect of the bombing correst. Gore Vidal has published in the Sept issue of VANITY FAIR the best account of the troubling aspects of the bombing. I have just sent him my private fight with the FBI over JOHN DOE II. I have not shared this with the public before. Here is my sad confrontation with the Phoenix FBI on this vital issue Those who follow my recent postings on CIA-DRUGS will get all the details of this. Ambrose Evans Pritchard said it first and more clearly in the chapter on Eloheim City in his book THE SECRET LIFE OF BILL CLINTON. Elohim City was a U.S. government operation and Strassmire was an undercover FBI agent. This collection of the nation's extremists at Elohiem City was being run by the government -- just like Fletcher Prouty said long ago. This is done under the guise of "monitoring" dangerous activity but cultivating such activity has become the raison d'etre for Federal agencies and they all do it.

One thing readers will note is that this Aryan Republican Army is behaving alot like the Arizona groups that FBI Special Agent In Charge Weldon Kennedy was using his "boys" Sanders and Brackney to infiltrate. I seem to be the only person here who does not like this. Nothing jumps out at anyone else.

Now for the record our investigation of Gary Allen Land and Robert Jacks lead us also back to Eloheim City --- this according to the FBI. I will soon post the FBI interrogation of Robert Jacks. Jacks and Land lived across Andy Devine Blvd. from McVeigh in Kingman (this is just two blocks south of the sheriff's complex where the FBI has their office in Kingman) until Land, Jacks and McVeigh left Kingman at the same time, Land and Jacks were in OKC the day of the bombing and had rented two motel rooms that day in different towns. The room in Perry overlooked the courthouse where McVeigh was being held. Then after hiding out they returned to Fort Smith, just 35 miles from Eloheim City! Somehow the FBI did not find any of this suspicious. But this is on record as their information.

In the last month it was learned that McVeigh was intimate with Kingman militia leader Jack Oliphant. Land and Jacks were part of Oliphant's militia group that the media called the ARIZONA PATROITS. The FBI knew all this when they arrested Land and Jacks 20 days after the bombing and too quickly cleared them. Jack Oliphant considered Richard Wayne Snell who was executed on the day of the bombing to be a close family friend. The FBI says none of this had anything to do with the bombing.

Click here for a sample of the well reasoned polemic of one the Eloheim City master minds. On the eve of the one year anniversary of the OKC bombing Dennis Mahon tells of how he gathered with 50 friends to celebrate BOOM DAY! TIM MCVEIGH DAY! His hero. Tim took direct action!

Dennis Mahon, the fearless leader of the WHITE ARYAN RESISTANCE, our tax dollars at work!!

Illustrating just how ill-prepared the typical political activist is to deal with the present situation I provide this e-mail forwarded to me.

Brian Downing Quig 7-27-99

It is almost a year since my last posting. The presidential blow job was getting all the press then, drowning out serious writings. I wish I had had the time or a publisher with balls, brains and integrity who would pay to publish my account of this shameful contrivance, THE BLOW JOB IS A SNOW JOB. Here we saw the spincraft of Dick Morris at its best. Everyone making news in this affair (pun intended) read from Morris's script. So much for ignorance. Here in this journal is what this farce tried to push out of the news. Stay tuned for significant postings.

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