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The Day America Died

• Why you shouldn’t believe the official story of what happened
on September 11, 2001

• New booklet aims to enlighten mainstream readers about the biggest
deception in American history

• Pass it around to your friends who still believe the official lies

By John Kaminski

We all wonder — and worry — about the future. Yet it’s clear what will
happen. We all forget our Shakespeare: “What is past is prologue.” Or in
more contemporary parlance: “Same stuff, different day.”

Yet the world has changed — recently and radically. Noble goals and
thoughtful explanations have given way to superficial sound bites and
insincere spin. Lowest-common-denominator education and thought-control
television have primed the pump of public opinion to accept lies as
truth. Wink-wink. Accepts these clumsy fables to make money because
that’s the way it is. Besides, everybody does it.

As we watch our country and our world slowly slide down the tubes in a
stale fog of industrial pollution and financial scams, we realize it’s
no longer about the product, it’s all about the sale. And when that is
the case, anything goes. We are right to worry about our children’s
future in a world where consensual truth is sardonically shaped by the
people with the most money.

American history is littered with lies deliberately told to the public
to earn certain powerful people incomprehensibly large amounts of money.

The biggest lie of all was told on September 11, 2001, when the sudden
and violent deaths of more than 3,000 American citizens were called an
unexpected event and blamed on foreign terrorists by the people we, as a
nominally democratic society, had put in charge of our lives.

While virtually the entire population of the United States recoiled in
horror, and wracked with pain, sought to strike out at those who were
blamed for the unprecedented atrocity, a few level-headed people noticed
some troubling disparities in what was being blared out over the TV
networks. Some 30 months later, those doubts have blossomed into a
full-blown refutation by sincerely and committed researchers about what
government officials told us happened on that awful day.

Yet bullied by the compromised corporate media and stonewalled by
dogmatic government officials, most of mainstream America continues to
believe what their leaders told them, despite subsequent, proven lies
that have cost the lives of thousands of Americans and tens of thousands
of others around the world — all based on that first, biggest lie about
what happened on 9/11.

We have entered a not-so-brave new world where the lie is enforced for
profit by the few, and the truth is squelched at the agonizing expense
of the many.

This new booklet I have written, “The Day America Died,” offers a chance
to challenge those superficial lies by our untruthful leaders who seek
to restructure the world along more hardened lines between haves and
have-nots. If we let their smelly story of that sad day prevail, we face
certain slavery and continued unaccountability of those who steal
elections, kill innocent people, and fleece everyone in not only America
but the world with their dictatorial financial schemes, maneuvers that
profit only the wealthy few and radically increase the numbers of the
suddenly- and soon-to-be poor.

Read this booklet. It may be your last chance to do something about the
freedom you thought you had. And especially give it your friends who
don’t believe it when you tell them that 9/11 was an inside job.


“The Day America Died: Why you shouldn’t believe the official story of
what happened on September 11, 2001” is a tightly written syllabus
covering the major areas of dispute between the government’s version of
events and what principled researchers on various Internet web sites
have have found to be logical flaws, physical inconsistences and
outright lies in the accepted mainstream version of events.

Published by Sisyphus Press in State College, Pa., it is a 48-page
dissertation proving many of America’s leaders not only knew the tragedy
was about to happen and did nothing to stop it, but actually
participated in the planning and execution of it. You may order it from
my website — — at $6 per copy plus shipping
and handling.

Recommended dosage? Order a bunch to hand out to your sleeping friends.
Time is running short. The so-called official commission is close to
concluding its whitewash of an investigation, which President Bush first
staffed with his political allies and then stonewalled.

Throughout the recent opposition presidential campaign, no major
candidate had the personal integrity to dare broach the subject of the
9/11 coverup for fear of being Wellstoned (assassinated) or Deaned
(ostracized) for opposing the fascist policies and coverups of the
Zionist neocon gang that has hijacked the American republic and turned
it into a worldwide criminal enterprise that is immune from the laws by
which the rest of us are forced to abide.

• • •

So if you are having trouble convincing your friends and family that our
government is lying to us and that the so-called terrorist attacks of
9/11/2001 were actually an inside job, here is the evidence you need to
change their minds!

In ‘The Day America Died: Why you shouldn’t believe the official story
of what happened on September 11, 2001,’ you will read about:

• The lies our leaders told us to cover up the crime.

• Arab terrorists didn’t hijack the planes.

• The Twin Towers didn’t collapse, they exploded.

• Why evidence was destroyed and suppressed.

• How the military let the attacks happen.

• Fake cellphone calls and bogus box cutters.

• Foreknowledge made millions for investors.

• No jetliner ever hit the Pentagon.

• The Patriot Act was ready and waiting for 9/11 and took away your

and other astonishing details of the most tragic day in American history
that are much more believable than the story the government has told

If you have had the experience — as many of us have — where friends and
relatives have asked you if you’re crazy when you say President Bush and
his evil billionaire are friends should be indicted for treason, mass
murder and obstruction of justice over what happened on 9/11, simply
tell them their being misinformed and indifferent has no bearing on your
honesty, integrity, or sanity. And then hand them this booklet.

Citing the latest findings by the best 9/11 researchers‚ including A. K.
Dewdney, Jim Hoffman, Gerard Holmgren, Dick Eastman, Walter Davis, Jerry
Russell, Richard Stanley, Peter Meyer, Plague Puppy and others, “The Day
America Died” is simply a study aid to condense the major arguments
against the government version into an easy-to-understand overview. My
purpose for writing it is to rally public opinion to investigate the
lies our leaders have told us about the greatest tragedy in American
history, and perhaps prevent some of the diabolical plans they have in
store for us in their criminal scheme to turn our world into a
militaristic police state.

It is no exaggeration to say that the future of freedom in America and
throughout the world hinges on discovering the truth about the 9/11
deception. It is my sincere hope that this booklet helps in that

John Kaminski is the author of “America’s Autopsy Report,” a collection
of his Internet essays published by Dandelion Books and featured on
hundreds of websites around the world. For more information on how to
get this book or to financially support his work, go to Or, to read some more of his recent essays
for free, go to


Searched the web for 911 cover up.

Sally Regenhard, left, and Monica Gabrielle, whose son and husband, respectively, died in the World Trade Center attacks, attend a public hearing on the attacks before a joint House-Senate Intelligence Committees hearing in September 2002.

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