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Thanks James,

I don't make the news, just report it with some of my editorial comments. You're to kind.

Did you see the latest on "old honest John"? Here's the guy who couldn't even beat Mel Carnahan who accidentally (on purpose) went down in a plane. He had presidential aspirations and refused to vote for the war in Iraq.

They took out Wellstone's whole family so his wife couldn't take his seat. The FBI was on the scene the same time the plane went down, but the closest FBI is 2 hours away -- they must have been psychic?

Rather than call the people who are suspicious of the Wellstone crash the "tin foil hat crowd" they had better wake up to the fact that the people at the top are ruthless, and have been for decades.

Is Ashcroft current health crisis real or promulgated for his silence on certain matters? Remember the secret grand jury in VA i.e. need for the Patriot Act, and support for Bush's invasion, etc. We have heard nothing more! Or is he really a bunker with Cheney? I'm sure inquiring minds would like to know, especially the Pentagon, if you got Col. Donn De Grand-pre's report and Kaminki's Essay?

Ashcroft Funds Under Scrutiny
Money Raised for Fine, Legal Costs Related to Senate Campaign

Sunday, March 7, 2004; Page A04

Attorney General John D. Ashcroft's 1998 leadership political action committee, Spirit of America, and his Senate reelection campaign committee, Ashcroft 2000, raised more than $100,000 last year in order to pay a fine and legal costs for violating campaign finance laws, according to Federal Election C. The funds raised last year included individual contributions and income the leadership PAC derived from renting out a political mailing list, according to Lott and FEC records. Omission records and Garrett Lott, treasurer of both committees.

PS: Why is the Boston FBI sitting on documentation who fingers a Sen. from Mass involved with the purchase of the 7 tickets by credit card for the alleged hijackers in collusion with a Sen. from NY via their NSI asset "Wildcard" (presumably dead now)? They refuse to cooperative with the 9-11 commission.

The Bush Boyze are going to tumble (my emphasis). Hey after Wolfowitz, comes Sharon too -- It was in Ha'aretz!
In a message dated 3/6/2004 7:48:30 PM Central Standard Time, East Meets West Inc. writes:

Dear Sallie,

May "God" bless you and keep you safe in his infinite knowledge of everything.

Join with me in mourning for our formerly "United" States of America - today, just another Banana Republik - hijacked on the high seas by a gang of pirates who fancy themselves "The Bush (II) Administration"....may "God" grant me the special privilege to be an eye-witness as we send them to walk the plank - straight into the jaws of the many sharks who are circling all around them, even now, as we speak.

See how they run - even in the face of incontrovertible facts - observe their hyena smiles, their jackal cries, as they bay at the moon to divert our attention with yet another attack upon our STRONG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN [Billie Holliday, Jessica Lynch, Martha Stewart, Nina Simone, Marilyn Monroe, Monica Lewinski, Ava Gardner, Lana Turner, Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Evita Peron, Sophia Loren, Martha Gelhorn, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Monica Bellucci, Edith Piaf, Patricia Arquette, Gina Gershon, Jennifer Tilly, Bette Midler, Bridget Bardot, Simone Signoret, Maria Callas, Jacqueline Kennedy - yes - even Janet Jackson and Madonna Ciccione] these are only a few of the names - from the reality of their crimes against every one of us!

John Ashcroft - DAMN YOUR EYES - pull down the shrouds erected by ignorance, stupidity, that conceal the beauty of our bare-naked-ladies ("The Statues") in the Department of Justice.

Take an "extended" vacation - your "services" are no longer needed or desred.

In Solidarity,

James Nolan Campbell


There was also a big grand jury investigation going on in VA having to do with 9-11, guess he didn't want to answer any questions either. There are no further reports on the dear man's condition. Nothing happens by accident.


On Thursday afternoon Ashcroft canceled a scheduled appearance in Alexandria, Virginia, to applaud the guilty verdict in a so-called Virginia jihad terror case because he believed he had a stomach flu.

USDOJ: Office of the Attorney General - John Ashcroft

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