a little knowledge.
Scott Cowie
a little knowledge.
Sat Mar 6 23:23:35 2004

The great tibulation ? Oh you mean the destruction of the Temple and the Diaspora and the end of Jewish National Soveriegnty ?

Uh, Pal ? That occurred in, uh 70 AD.

Hate to point it out to you but the, uh, Nation of Israel that Jesus was speaking to got killed and scattered.

Maybe you should read the works of Flavius Josephus instead of the drivel of Darby, Scofeild and Francisco Ribera.

European ? !!! What in the ? The final Beast Kingdom of Revelation is AMERICA.

Clinton is the one with the number in Greek and Hebrew. The SECOND beast the one that passes himself off as a christian and introduces the image of the beast ( Gibsons movie ) and the Mark is Dubya.

Bubba and Dubya.

The two most s.t.e.w.p.i.d...STOOPID individuals to have ever lived. Or will ever live.


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