OKC BOMBING - RE: Terrorist Motel
David Hall
OKC BOMBING - RE: Terrorist Motel
Sun Mar 7 03:36:06 2004

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Subject: Terrorist Motel

Ken I just got back from Mexico, I opened my email and found your note. I have this day reviewed the Terrorist Motel
link. I have talked with the clerks and owner of the motel in June 1995. It was in connection with McVeigh staying there , as these reports were surfaceing at that time. Myself and another reporter from KFOR at Okla. city were working together on the middle east connection. I am sure there is a connection. I was able to establish a link with McVeigh and a man that owned a body shop two blocks from the federal bldg. the man was of middle eastern decent, I do not recall his name but I do have it and the name of the body shop. I
was sure at the time that the truck with the explosives in it were in his shop the night of the 18th. This man's wife was killed in the bombing. He was advised of her death the afternoon of the 19th. at nine o'clock as I recall he caught a flight to Las Vegas.
I am not familiar with the paper the Terrorist Motel article was published in nor any of the reporters, I am emailing Tom Bunting a friend of mine that is an editor with the Los Angles Times I will see what he knows about the stated facts in the article and the paper.
I am familiar with Jana Davis she did work for KFOR at the time and was reporting on the bombing. It would make a very interest case if all this could be tied together. There is still so much untold about the Okla. City Bombing/ WHO/WHAT/WHEN/WHERE/and WHY still applies to this story it has never been told.
Your Friend
David Hall


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