Ray Kirkus
Sun Mar 7 14:48:45 2004

Hello everyone, it's been quite an interesting weekend and when it rains it pours. This is not a second hand story nor report, just the facts of what happenned this weekend right here in the City of New Buffalo in Southwest Michigan. Amongst other unpleasantries this is the key issue I wish to present and the remedy as to how I intend to handle it.

Yesterday Morning (Saturday), at about 8:00 AM there was a knock on my front door. When I looked to see , I saw a New Buffalo City Policeman on my front stairs. I told him I would be right out. When I asked him what hew wanted, he motioned toward some cars I have and indicated to me that they were going to be tagged because they had no plates. I asked him then if he read the Title 18 NO TRESPASSING signs which were posted all over my property, he answered "Yes I did." I then asked him if he understood the signs and again he answered, "Yes". I then explained to him that I was not subject to the vunue he invoked as a code enforcement officer and demanded that he remove himself from my property. He looked me in the eye, refused. He stated to me that he had been doing this for a long time and would leave when he was done. Yes, that is what happened yesterday morning. He continued to search my property and placed stickers indicating that those vehicles were found to be abandoned (findings being deterninations by coutrs) and that they would be towed and stored or scrapped at the owners expense in 10 days. NO citation of any authority whatsoever... However, the tresspass remains..
I do not look for these battles, they come to me and then I must defend myself as I have before. I ended up spending all mornig preparing paperwork to return the stickers to him along with a notice of venue for improper proof of service, a letter to his boss (Police chief)regarding his actions tresspass including a copy of the no tresspassing sign and Michigan appellate court decisions pertaining to tresspass by ordinance enforcement officials and my intention to sue the officer for the land use fee for entering my property. Further I made a bill for the land use fee and will send that to the officer on Monday along with the rest of the paper work. I know I will win and they will leave me alone. I will also pursue the land use fee and drag the officer to small claims court in order to get a judgement for that as well. But the sad part is that I am the only one in this City and township who knows and understands what was perpetrated her and how to challenge this nonsense. The rest of the People have absolutely no clue. Even at work,my wife discussed the trespass with some co-workers and their comments were, well he cops can go there if they want to or if you have nothing to hide, what does it matter.. Give me a break and God Bless Liberty. If anyone is interested in seeing the paperwork to be filed and served in this particular case, drop me a line and I will redact my personal info and forward it to you.

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