Second Letter To Paul Harvey
Tony Clifton
Second Letter To Paul Harvey
Mon Mar 8 09:54:31 2004

Dear Paul Harvey : I e-mailed you recently about this Satanic Jew Issue. The Federal Reserve System, The Neocon Cabal , The Lies and murders committed by these Satanic Neocons - Murders of little ones ....Like Sammy and Vickie Weaver....Gordon Kahl, The Branch Davidians...9/11 - You know over the years I've had a chance to visit with OLD MEN (White and BLack - Jew and Arab) before they DIE. And to a Man they seem to want to clear the slate before they SEE JESUS. Here's your Chance Paul to atone for all those willful omissions YOU have made in deference to these Satanic Lying "Jews". See Revelation Chapter 3:9- ..... A word with those on the Pentagram.... - You may not Remember Harry Chapin - He had a song with the line..."Truth is a wall that you can't blow down and it won't be laughed away" ! See Eustace Mullins' work - Here : ...You Know what is Right and what is wrong....Rejecting Truth places One In Judgement !

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