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Hopefully, most of you know that activists in Vermont succeeded in gathering enough signatures to place an ballot initiative calling for a new 9/11 investigation in the next general election. A man from Washington state has begun putting together a plan for this process taking place here in NYC. The site is at http://www.911initiative.org . We are now gearing up to put a plan of action together. To accomplish this task we will need 50,000 legitimate signatures from registered voters in NYC, meaning we'll want to aim for a much higher number. We hope to have everything set in place to begin by March 30. From that point we'll have 120 days. We'll need teams of people to help with logistics, petition gathering, and general organizing.

Can you imagine if we were to accomplish this? Can you imagine the PR this would create for our cause? If you're interested in helping, please email me at jazzyday@earthlink.net  with Ballot Initiative in the subject line, and include your name and phone number(s) in the body.

Truth will prevail,


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