J.D. Cash
In the matter of Kenneth Michael Trentadue
Fri Feb 23, 2007 22:15


J.D. Cash
In the matter of Kenneth Michael Trentadue
Fri Apr 15, 2005 22:20

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In the matter of Kenneth Michael Trentadue (Part 2/5)

J.D. Cash / McCurtain Dailey Gazette | April 7, 2004

When two members of the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's office arrived at the sparkling new Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center (FTC) at 7 a.m. on Aug. 21, 1995, what they found in the infirmary was the body of a man badly bruised, bloody and his throat cut. Guards and supervisors at the institution were calling it a suicide.

When questioned in more detail by the medical examiner's investigator, Tammi Gillis, Federal Transfer Center personnel stood by their story that the subject hanged himself while in isolation. One even said he thought the inmate had tried to slash his throat first. It was a bizarre story even from the beginning.
Adding to the strange nature of the situation, prison officials refused Gillis access to
the cell where the inmate was supposedly found - a clear violation of Oklahoma law.
Gillis was told the inmate on the gurney, with his scalp split to the skull in three places and throat slashed from ear to ear, had used his bed sheet and a couple of tubes of toothpaste to commit suicide.
Numerous bruises on the inmate's feet, legs, torso, both arms and back were passed off as self-inflicted, also, by the center staff.

Officials at the prison said they found the inmate hanging from a grate mounted on the wall in his cell at 3 a.m., during a routine inspection made by a guard on his regular rounds of the Special Housing Unit (SHU).

The SHU at the Oklahoma City facility is a high-security unit where prisoners are kept in solitary confinement, safe from other inmates.

Inmate records obtained from the institution reflect that the subject was strip searched before entering the SHU, 17 hours before his death. At that time, guards only noted a single blister on one of the inmate's feet and listed no other medical problems.

Inspection denied

After a closer physical examination of the body revealed a myriad of bruises and serious wounds, Gillis once again demanded an inspection of the cell for evidence of foul play. The investigator suspected that the inmate had been subjected to a violent beating.

Federal Transfer Center officials responded that a federal investigation was taking place and any investigation by the medical examiner's office would have to be put on hold.

Voluminous evidence would later surface, however, that proved the staff at the center were not investigating anything at the time of the incident.

No meaningful outside investigation was done that day by any federal or state agency. The staff at the center, however, tried to turn away outside investigators at the same time the scene of Trentadue's death was undergoing changes.

Records later would show that even before Gillis arrived to investigate the inmate's death, an Oklahoma City police officer was also turned away when he arrived to investigate why an ambulance was initially called to resuscitate a suicide victim.

Like Gillis, the police were told federal officials would take care of their own investigation. Later, investigators would discover that the ambulance team had been turned away at the gates.

Denied unfettered access to the inside of the cell, Gillis was only offered a brief look through the window on the door of the A709.

After a quick peek, the state investigator and her assistant left with Trentadue's body.

Records obtained by this newspaper indicate the pair were only on federal property 20 minutes that morning.


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Was it Guthrie or Mahon who was also hanged in his cell?

I think Trentadue looks more like Brescia than Guthrie.

Now I think I see five pairs of dark dots in these photos, up from
three cattle prod burns identified at first count:


You can't believe anything liars say. It may be that instead of
mistaking Trentadue for Guthrie, this was a standard case of feds
torturing to find evidence of a government op, in this case OKCbomb or
the general and CONTINUING CIA/BATF controlling of white supremacist
gangs in OK, AR, AL, LA, FL panhandle as surrogates in CIA arms for
dope with occasional cop-killings and daycare bombings and journalist
and prison suicidings for info and media control. Other cases of
torturing for stashed evidence discovery before suiciding or
accidenting or heart attacking would include Barbara Wise at John
Huang's office in Chamber of Commerce, DC, and the JFK autopsy filmer
at Bethesday Naval Hospital.


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