OkC bombing and 9/11 resulted from "inside jobs."
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Subject: The Terry Nichols Disclosure
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Conspiracists claim that both the OkC bombing and 9/11 resulted from
"inside jobs." They would have us believe that the FBI and the renegades
in our government actually intended and planned for these disasters to
happen. In the "9/11 truth" movement, the idea is so firmly entrenched
now that it strongly resembles a religious cult belief. Its adherents simply
will not entertain any other arguments.

I am quite confident that both disasters resulted from attempted sting operations --
one by the FBI and the other by David Boren and his CIA pals. Stings are entrapment
operations where the police or CIA use informants to lead people they don't like (dissidents
or foreign enemies) into criminal behavior so that then they can arrest or kill them and
then claim a "victory" over crime or terrorism. The stings were bungled and blew back in
their faces. Of OkC, the deseretnews article says:

Some familiar with the bombing's history say Nichols' claims seem to indicate the
FBI put McVeigh up to the plot as a draw for radicals, but that the situation got
out of control and McVeigh became a runaway informant.

That statement is very much in alignment with my bungled sting argument, which I put
online last year. McVeigh was a double agent, thinking he was going to be a success at
tricking the FBI but in reality he was loyal to the bombing plot. See my 2006 posts about



If you haven't done so already, familiarize yourself with the history of the FBI's
COINTELPRO operation, used for the purpose of disrupting and neutralizing left-wing
dissident organizatations of the 60s and 70s. This website was put together by
a Washington lawyer:


I suspect that the "inside job" ideas actually originated with the FBI. They are
COINTELPRO tactics used to neutralize organizations whose members are skeptical
about either or both of the official stories about OkC or 9/11.

At the University of Oklahoma, one of David Boren's close friends is David Edger, a
top CIA agent he brought to OU in August 2001. See these 2002 Norman Transcript
articles about Edger. He is a specialist in covert action, infiltration, counter-espionage,
and political action. Planting the ridiculous "controlled demolition/inside job" idea in the
minds of people who distrust the official 9/11 story would be just the kind of thing this
old spook likes to do. You might need to enlarge these with the mouse:

Next, see this website about the Camden 28. This was a group of antiwar activists
in the Vietnam years. They were infiltrated by an FBI informer who led them into
burglarizing a draft board and destroying files. The judge instructed the jury that
they could acquit if they found this to be an inappropriate tactic. The jury did the
right thing, but that didn't stop the FBI to keep on doing stings. I think that the OkC
bombing and 9/11 reflected sting attempts which were more ambitious. The sting planners
were looking for glory and victory in the "war against terrorism":


Michael P. Wright
Norman, Oklahoma


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