Wed Feb 15, 2006 19:02

Gee... are we to believe the Secret Service detail let the Vice President get into a private vehicle with three other people and weapons... let alone shoot at anything after daylight 'dusk' and no one stopped the Vice President or the group? Is this a case of 'Slipped the detail?' or just one would believe the detail was dismissed for the evening? All those orange wearing hunting photographs were just HYPE?

200 pellets at close range hit someone walking near the road? If this story is really True then the Secret Service Detail must be ashamed of themselves and caused to walk each and every foot AT NIGHT on that road to see if any other human or animal was shot!

I thought Attorney Whittington was flying 30 feet off of the ground in some new buck rogers space propelling vest and about to reach over and snag the elusive quail! Boy am I glad that mystery of being some 30 feet above the ground was finally solved. Shooting from a moving Vehicle driven by two people with one missing person outside somewhere who was hit because the shooter decided to shoot at Noise? No Secret Service INSTANTLY stopping such antics? NO SECRET SERVICE CALL FOR A HELICOPTER OR AMBULANCE USED WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO BE AVAILABLE WHEN THE PRESIDENT OR VICE PRESIDENT GO ANYWHERE?

Guess the Movie 'First Daughter' indicates to the World that in America the Secret Service cannot keep track of the Vice President or stop any acts or actions putting him or others in danger. Thank heavens the Shotgun didn't fire within the vehicle and strike either the driver or another Occupant riding in the Front seat... or was the Vice President in the Front Seat?

Do tell us about this Mr. Vice President and what did your Secret Service Detail senior officer say when transferred perhaps to guarding hens at a BIRD FLU compound?

BUT THEY [Secret Service]ARE SWORN TO SECRECY EH? I am as an American glad to see no one died in this accident and hope the Secret Service Detail of the Future will stop such action before same results in death or injury! America and The Vice President really needed such news coverage today! Stay away from Florida Mr. Vice President because shooting from a vehicle on a roadway might get the FHP troopers to question such actions. Have you considered an INDOOR RANGE LIGHTED WITH TARGETS? What about skeet shooting to prove your ability to hit something. WOULD YOU HAVE REALLY EATEN THE QUAIL SHOT OR JUST WANTED TO HELP THE ECOLOGY?

Hope you return safe and sound along with your attorney friend who could have died! Will be waiting to see what story you come up with in the Fox broadcast!

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
a decorated Veteran of One
an American Legionairre of One
Life member DAV
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042

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