Mark Manning "Caught in the Crossfire,... Falluja"
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Thursday, February 16, 2006

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Mark Manning "Caught in the Crossfire,... Falluja" The site to view the film is

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Dannion Brinkley

In 1975, during a thunderstorm, Dannion Brinkley was talking on the telephone when a bolt of lightning hit the phone line, sending thousands of volts into his head and down through his body. Brinkley was thrown across the room, and later reported seeing his lifeless body spread prone, as his then-girlfriend found him and paramedics arrived. Obviously disoriented, in his spirit-form above the scene, he wondered what the excitement was about, since (as he put it) "Everybody was okay...." He saw auras around everybody in the room except his own body below -- a pretty big hint that he was, in fact, dead. As doctors pronounced Brinkley dead at the local hospital, he reportedly found himself -- or, more specifically, his spirit-self -- traveling through a dark tunnel toward an angelic being who led him into a "crystal city." There, he entered a "cathedral of knowledge" where he was shown 13 visions, contained in what he termed "boxes." So-called "beings of light" also showed him 117 glimpses of possible future events, of which 95 have come to pass (by his count) in early 1998.

Brinkley revived in the morgue some 28 minutes after his death and later gave a personal account of his near-death experience (NDE) in the book, ''Saved by the Light,'' first published in 1995.

As recounted in the book, the events of that day changed Brinkley's life. He spent many months recovering from the physically debilitating effects of the electrical blast, while at the same time discovering mind-reading abilities that, while lessening over time, remain with him to this day.

A second near-death experience, a few years later, reunited Brinkley with his angelic teachers, who revealed he was to use his psychic gifts to help the dying. Another book, ''At Peace in the Light,'' soon followed.

In September 1997, Brinkley was hospitalized with life threatening brain aneurysms. Despite medical opinions to the contrary, he miraculously survived. During that time, he had a third near-death experience.

Besides lectures and book signings, Dannion Brinkley currently does hospice work -- using his experiences and gifts to help those who are nearing, and perhaps fear, death.

Guest: Dannion Brinkley, Mark Manning

Subject: Near Death Experience, Iraq War, Battle Of Fallujah, Caught In The Crossfire Fallujah Movie

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