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3rd hunter Pam Willefordm, U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland
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How come "U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein Pam
Willeford", the third member of Cheney's ill-fated quail hunt,
was not ID'd until two days later--and, again, only by the
Corpus Christi Caller-Times.a small local Texas newspaper.



Did Cheney Really Shoot Whittington?
Political Cortex, NY - Feb 15, 2006
... They said Whittington had been standing in the bed of a dried pond, several feet downhill from where Cheney and another hunter, Pamela Pitzer Willeford, the US ...

Sheriff's report on Cheney; read for yourself
USA Today - 42 minutes ago
The Corpus Christi Caller-Times has helpfully posted the report filed by the Kenedy County Sheriff's Department on its investigation into what happened Saturday when Vice President Cheney shot one of his hunting partners, 78-year-old Texas lawyer Harry ...
Cheney's Account of Shooting Satisfies Bush Los Angeles Times
Cheney ends silence, but questions remain about the shooting Seattle Times
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Did Cheney Really Shoot Whittington?

By NYBri
02/16/2006 01:47:14 AM EST
First of all, let me begin this web with Alan Dershowitz's lawyerly observation:

Why would a media-savvy and clever man like Dick Cheney delay notifying the press and the police about an accident when a) he knew it would eventually be covered by the press and b) he knew he would be criticized for delaying release of the story?
A simple cost/benefit analysis suggests that he (or those advising him) must have believed that there was more to be gained than lost by a 14 hour delay that would eventually be made public. It is likely, therefore, that something happened during that 14 hour period which was worth the negative costs of the delay.

This makes perfect sense to me. Something needed to be hidden...and hiding that something was worth the shit storm over the 14 hour delay. Dershowitz and most others are speculating that it was, more than likely booze.

I have a different take.

Something jumped out at me in this WaPo article:

Salinas and San Miguel [investigating officers] said they went to the site of the shooting. They said Whittington had been standing in the bed of a dried pond, several feet downhill from where Cheney and another hunter, Pamela Pitzer Willeford, the U.S. ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, were standing as they were shooting quail.

See it? The third hunter. U.S. Ambassador, Pamela Pitzer Willeford.

Keep that in mind, now. A lovely blond...on a hunting trip...walking next to the VP...the third hunter. That's been speculated here...

But, what if she's the one who shot Whittington and Cheney is taking the fall for her in an attempt to keep probing eyes away from questions like who she is and why she's there?

Look at what we know. The weapon was a 28 gauge shotgun, what's been described as a Girl's Gun...and Cheney is an experienced hunter and would he have committed such a screw-up? No one really saw the shooting, so he could claim he did it and no one would be the wiser.

Think about it. If it came out that Pamela Willeford had shot Whittington while standing right next to Darth Cheney during a hunting trip at a duck ranch, the media frenzy would have shown its spotlight on her and the VP. As it now stands, we're all talking about booze and incompetence...which is bad, but it ain't as bad as the alternative. After all, we know that in order to get impeached, the crime needs to be about sex.

Just sayin'.

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