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Bush Reich Launches Worst Attack on Free Speech Yet
Sat Feb 18, 2006 11:01

The Bush Reich is preparing to launch it's most aggressive assault EVER on free speech, targeting, especially, the Internet and journalists who try to get the truth out. Donald Rumsfeld's comments at the Council of Foreign Affairs on Friday, Feb. 17 were extremely ominous to those of us who know how these bastards operate.

He lamented the fact that the US is losing
the "propaganda war" in Iraq and tried to blame the bloody, horrible state of affairs in Iraq on "not enough good stories" - as if you can dress today's death toll up as
"good news!" Rumsfeld went so far as to test the water and suggest that news stories "can do as much damage as weapons. " And if this insinuation is allowed to take hold and be fed by the propaganda network of the administration, free speech is in serious, serious, danger. Rumsfeld's comments - replayed repeatedly by the talking heads last night in an opening salvo, represents the start of an attack that, if unchallenged, could ultimately result in the administration labeling activist writers speaking out against the war as "enemy combatants."

Think that's unlikely? Already, the number of people on the Bush administration list of "terrorist suspects" (a grab back of anyone that represents a "threat" to Bush & Co) has swollen to a staggering 325,000 and is growing daily.

Rumsfeld's statements were, in essence, a declaration of war on the truth and those who seek to reveal it. The PSYOPS budget has been nearly doubled - so in addition to attacking activist writers, the administration plans to escalate its ongoing to seed the media with its propaganda.

You want to hear something totally obscene? In his comments, Rumsfeld bragged about the "successful" propaganda operation targeting the victims of the Pakistan earthquake. Millions were spent to strategically deploy a few choppers throughout the area as "symbols" of the US and to crank out and deploy hundreds of thousands of fliers passed out to the victims along with replicas of the Chinook choppers. In the fliers, the US was claiming credit, in essence, for all of the relief efforts, even though the US contributed the smallest relative proportion of aid. None of the other nations helping out - England, Japan, France, Cuba, etc. - felt the need to spend millions to claim credit for their relief work. Instead, they spent their money directly on AID.

You should also be aware that there is a plan being put in action by Karl Rove to flood the Internet with phony corporate-funded "bloggers."


In short, the good news is: Activists have been very effective at getting the truth through Bush's iron curtain. But that success, and the impending, critical 2006 election has spurred the Bush Reich into redoubled efforts at the suppression of free speech.

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