A revolutionary multi-capillary electrophoresis system
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The HDA-GT12 ™ System is a revolutionary multi-capillary electrophoresis system which is designed to overcome the bottlenecks of gel electrophoresis, thus significantly improving the workflow and increasing the productivity of medium to high-throughput laboratories.

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eGene Inc. has developed a DNA testing system which is faster and less expensive than tests that are currently used. Currently, genetic analyses performed in the majority of research and application laboratories use a traditional slab-gel electrophoresis system, a technology which was developed more than 20 years ago and has not had a major improvement since then. The slab-gel method is labor-intensive and time-consuming. eGene developed a proprietary software that can analyze quickly and inexpensively the DNA information that currently has taken hours and hours and has been done by teams of PhD's. The company believes that its new software can bring DNA testing to far greater applications and uses than currently as a result of the reduced manpower and cost.

eGene introduced a new CE System, the HDA-GT12 System, which can overcome the bottlenecks of slab-gel electrophoresis, thus greatly improving the workflow and increasing the productivity of medium- to high-throughput laboratories. The HDA-GT12 System has a patented multiplex fluorescence detection design with inexpensive solid-state light sources and micro-optical collectors which make the system very compact in size and highly affordable. The system works across a wide variety of applications, including microsatellites, pathogen detection/typing, food safety analysis, RNA quality checks, and oligonucleotide quality checks.

The HDA-GT12 tests 12 samples in 7-10 minutes, and other systems take at least a half-hour. It tests 96 samples in 1.3 hours, and the other systems take at least 2 hours. The cost, per test, using the HDA-GT12 is $0.25-$1 per sample. The exact cost is determined by the kind of cartridge which is used, and that is determined by the type of test which is being performed. Using other systems, the cost is at least $1 per sample. When a patient is being tested for a disease, his or her cost is usually 50%-60% lower than using the majority of the current systems.

130 HDA-GT12 systems have been sold, mainly to hospitals and research universities. The system could be used by police departments to solve crimes.

The eGene website is http://www.egeneinc.com. If you want to interview an executive of eGene, please e-mail or call me. My phone number is 312-943-1100.


Offering an Automated, Integrated One Step Solution for your DNA/RNA Applications

Currently, genetic analyses performed in most research and application laboratories use traditional slab-gel electrophoresis systems, a technology which was developed more than 20 years ago and has not seen a major face-lift since its inception. The slab-gel method is labor intensive and time consuming. A new replacement technology is expected to be developed for current genetic analyses.

eGene believes the answer lies in a high-throughput and high-performance automated genetic analysis system. Such systems can take many forms, whether they involve instrumentation, reagent and software configuration - but they must be affordable and acceptable for routine analysis.

Therefore, eGene has designed a reliable genetic analysis system based on the micro-channel concept of capillary electrophoresis. Our systems provides automated, affordable, rapid and accurate quantitative genetic analysis, especially for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplified DNA products, which represents a large segment of the genetic analysis market.

We believe the usage of the high-throughput and low-cost HDA-GT12™ system will remove the high-cost genetic service barrier and stimulate a greater demand for low-cost genetic analysis tools. More users are expected to enter the genetic analysis business.

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