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By Alex Constantine


The stock market symbol for BioPort, inc. should be pi - because its
corruption goes on indefinitely, or so it seems when you begin to sift
through the records.

The company's founder and CEO is Mr. Fuad El-Hibri, a German of Lebanese
extraction and a naturalized American citizen. In 1998, El-Hibri entered
into a leveraged buyout of the Michigan State-owned Biological Products
Institute (MBPI). This company held the exclusive contract on the U.S.
supply of anthrax vaccine ... and it wasn't all that effective against
the disease, right from the start. The Wall Street Journal discovered:
"While its vaccine worked well against the Vollum strain of anthrax
(used by Russia), it was more problematic against the Ames strain. So it
had conducted tests with the virulent Ames strain on guinea pigs, mice
and monkeys with mixed results. BioPort's spokeperson confirmed that it
had access to the virulent Ames strain for testing on animals."

For the sole purpose of acquiring MBPI, El-Hibri became an American
citizen. He gave retired Admiral William J. Crowe Jr. a sizable share of
Intervac, "one of the corporations involved in the maneuver. The
controlling shareholder was the same I&F Holdings used to take control
of the British biotech lab, CAMR. He then renamed the company BioPort.
BioPort, which controlled America's anthrax vaccine, was apparently of
some interest to scientists in Afghanistan since an environmental
assessment report of its planned laboratory renovations turned up in the
house of a Pakistani scientist in Kabul..."1

Crowe made no investment in either company, but owns 22.5 percent of all
Intervac shares. Another 30 percent went to El-Hibri's wife. In 1999,
ABC reported that the remainder of the Intervace shares were "in the
hands of I&F Holdings, a company directed by Nancy El-Hibri's
father-in-law, Ibrahim El-Hibri, a Venezuelan citizen, and her husband,
Fuad El-Hibri, a German citizen of Lebanese descent. ... Crowe's
ownership of Intervac stock gives him a 13 percent share of Bioport."2

The company's web site displays El-Hibri's bona fidés: "Mr. El-Hibri
helped establish regional offices in Singapore and Sydney for Booz-Allen
& Hamilton..."

Let's just pause it right there, because in 1990 Mr. El-Hibri also
arranged "the purchase of anthrax vaccine for Saudi Arabia." Did he
perform this service for Booz-Allen, or the CIA? The well-connected
security firm, to be sure, had extensive ties to the intelligence
sector, and silky Faud palaces, too.

Students of the CIA know Booz-Allen as a privatized branch of the Agency
with Saudi defense contracts worth billions. The company trained the
Saudi marine corps and operates the country's Armed Forces Staff
College.3 On 14 June 2000, the Pentagon's Defense Security Cooperation
Agency announced that the Royal Saudi Naval Forces had begun a ten year
development program that drew on the services of two American
contractors - SAIC and Booz-Allen Hamilton.4 The FBI's Dale Watson was a
leading "investigator" of the 1993 WTC bombing, the Oklahoma City
bombing, the East Africa Embassy bombings, Khobar Towers, USS Cole, the
September 11 attacks and the anthrax mailings before he "retired" to
work for Booz-Allen Hamilton.5 Former CIA director James Woolsey is a
vice president there.

" ... As a Senior Associate and resident project manager, Mr. El-Hibri
led consulting projects in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney, and
Wellington. Before joining Booz-Allen, he was a manager of Citicorp in
New York (Mergers and Acquisitions) and in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia."

All of this is more than grounds for investigation - these financial
bridges to the Middle East are, in a sensible world, an argument for

On January 26 2003, Bob Fitrakis wrote: "Let's recall Bush's strange
relationship with that bizarre little company in Lansing, Michigan,
known as Bioport. The company, despite failing various FDA inspections
and being accused of bad record-keeping, holds the only federal contract
for producing the anthrax vaccine. Bush has rewarded Bioport with favors
such as ongoing military protection, and within weeks of 9/11 granted
them a contract that tripled the price per vaccine. Now, add into the
mix that the Strangelovian CIA-connected Battelle and Britain's top
secret Porton Down labs are partners with Bioport.... Public records and
foreign press reports have linked El-Hibri to the selling of anthrax to
Saudi Arabia after the Pentagon refused to. He's also a business
associate of the bin Laden family. A real Congressional investigation of
Bush's relationships with the bin Laden family, El-Hibri and the related
drug bank BCCI would easily lead to the President's impeachment."6

The ABC report was a horror show of rampant side-effects produced by
BioPort. Human agony was the bottom line: ----------- 20/20 REPORT:

PFC Matthew Baker who was stationed at Fort Stewart, Ga. went AWOL after
his first sergeant threatened to have him strapped to a gurney and
forcibly injected with the anthrax vaccine.

MAJ Sonnie Bates, USAF, one of many pilots at Dover, AFB Del. was headed
for a court martial and up to five years in prison until he went on "60
Minutes" and told what was going on. Soon the Air Force scrapped their
hard-line tactics and Bates was allowed to leave the service.

More than a dozen members of Bates' squadron came down sick with a
variety of illnesses. Thyroid and liver damage, memory loss, bone and
joint pain, fevers, dizziness, infected cysts and lesions. The only
common thread was these maladies immediately followed anthrax

In a letter to the Air Force, Bates stated his position was a matter of

"I'm doing what I've always been trained and taught to do. If you know
it's right, you stand up for it. And likewise, if you know it's wrong,
you have to challenge it, no matter what the consequences.

"After 13 years of exemplary service to my country, I am willing to give
up my job, my rank, and everything I have worked for to avoid taking an
unsafe drug."

Army SPC Kevin Edwards started to feel sick a few weeks after his third
anthrax shot. He nearly died. Bleeding sores covered the soldier's
entire body. Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina said he could barely
keep his composure after seeing pictures taken of Edwards at an Army
hospital. Jones is one of three dozen congressmen calling for a halt in
the forced anthrax immunization program.

Texas Army National Guard CPT Jody Grenga, a medical operations officer
with nearly 18 years service, was kicked out of the Army for refusing
the anthrax shots on religious grounds. The highly respected officer
said she also refused the immunizations because of her medical history
of adverse reactions to medications.

PFC Jemekia Barber, an African-American Army soldier who was forced out
of the service with a less-than-honorable discharge after she refused
the shots, has filed suit in U.S. District Court in Colorado. Her
lawyers contend the mandatory shot order violated Barber's
Constitutional rights. Herbert Fenster argued that because his client is
of child-bearing age, ordering her to take the anthrax vaccine
injections could subject her to risk of bearing a child with birth

Two former Connecticut Air National Guard pilots, MAJ Russell Dingle and
MAJ Thomas "Buzz" Rempfer said they concluded the Pentagon's use of the
vaccine was illegal because of serious questions about its safety and
effectiveness. They said they were ordered not to talk to the press, but
refused, and with seven other pilots in their unit, the 103rd Fighter
Wing, resigned.

More than thirty pilots and 17 KC-10 tanker crew-members at Travis AFB
in California quit rather than take the shots. So did pilots in the
Wisconsin Air National Guard. And Air Force Capt. Clifton Volpe,
assigned to a VIP transport squadron at Andrews AFB Maryland, is getting
the boot for refusing to take the controversial injections.

Perhaps the most eloquent of the military opponents of the mandatory
anthrax inoculation program is retired Air Force Lt. Col. Redmond Handy.
Named the "most outstanding officer" in 1996 by the Reserve Officers
Association, Handy was a full colonel on "the fast track to stars" when
he quit his Pentagon job and decided to speak out. Because he didn't
have the minimum time in grade requirement as a full colonel, Handy put
principle ahead of pay and left the Air Force as a light colonel.

"It is appalling that Admiral Crowe, who was a key player in the effort
to let all U.S. citizens sleep better at night by leading our defenders
of freedom to defeat communism, now keeps these same defenders and their
families awake at night wondering if their health will be defeated by
his company's product."


1) Edward Jay Epstein, "FBI Overlooks Foreign Sources of Anthrax," Wall
Street Journal, December 24, 2001. 2) ABC News, 20/20
(March 12, 1999.

3) Ken Silverstein, "Privatizing War: How affairs of state are
outsourced to corporations beyond public control," Nation, July 28,

4), "Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF)":

5) Tom Flocco, "Terrorist's Name On Manifest Raises Questions About
Saudi Flights After 9/11," Tom Flocco web site, April 4, 2004.

6) Bob Fitrakis, "Impeach Bush," January 26, 2003.

By Alex Constantine

"'Our family has been through a living hell, to almost see your
23-year-old son die...' exclaims Cheryl. 'The government is wrong, and
they need to take care of all these people that they've hurt.' The
Department of defense says they continue to believe that the vaccine is
'safe' ..."

Fuad El-Hibri arranged investments for well-heeled Saudi clients as a
broker at Citibank's Jeddah office. Tom Suber, a contributor to the
Rouge Forum, a grassroots Internet think-tank, reports that the broker
handled "the individual financial holdings of the bin Laden family group
and the larger $18 billion Carlyle Group."

The bin Ladens and Carlyle are "reputed to have had partnership
interests with Fuad El-Hibri's Porton International and Bioport
investments. These embarrassing partnerships are the result of complex
web of interlocking private corporate holdings and are publicly denied
by the El-Hibri family."1

Carlyle Management Group, of course, is America's eleventh leading
defense contractor, founded by Iran-contra's Frank Carlucci, James Baker
III and George H.W. Bush.

Ties to the bin Ladens and Carlyle constituted one "embarrassing" pact
with the devil. Another was El-Hibri's acquisition of the Center for
Applied Microbiology and Research (CAMR) at Porton Downs in the UK, a
government-held toxic stockpile-research laboratory privatized by
Margaret Thatcher. CAMR was launched under private ownership -
El-Hibri's - as Porton International in 1993.

Porton Downs was the English mirror-image of Ft. Detrick. Both military
laboratories conducted Auschwitz-style experiments on human subjects
during the Cold War. In 2002, Express reported that scientists of the
Ministry of Defense faced prosecution "over horrifying experiments on
service men and women during chemical and biological weapons tests."

Subjects were duped into volunteering, led to believe that the military
doctors were searching for an innocuous "cold cure." The guinea-pigs
said they were "impregnated with deadly chemical agents such as sarin
and mustard gas." Ronald Maddison, a volunteer airman, died after a
cloth treated with sarin was wrapped round his arm. Another subject said
he was coerced to participate "under threat of court martial. During
three nightmare weeks at the center, he said he was stripped to his
underpants and marched repeatedly into gas chambers where he was
impregnated with sarin, tabin and mustard gas."2

El-Hibri inherited a horror factory, and this it remained. By 1996,
Suber says, "the rape of the public resources of Great Britain was
virtually complete," speaking of the "conservative" agenda behind
privatization. The profit-lusting "interests of the Saudis and the
Carlyle Group began to look to the United States for more promising

Michigan Governor John Engler was urged by fellow Republicans to
privatize the state-owned vaccination lab - exactly as Thatcher had done
with CAMR. It was renamed the Michigan Biologics Products Institute.

"Governor Engler gave the most respectable and profitable agency in
Michigan government to Fuad El-Hibri without any individual investment
whatsoever," Suber writes. The new owners "incurred no individual
expense, made no investments, and did not owe any individual promissory
notes or obligations of any kind for their new lab purchase. Receipt of
a $180 million business for absolutely nothing. The next hand-out the
company received was an unsecured, interest-free loan of $18.7 million
as an advance payment from the Defense Department ..."3

All this fuss and expense over a vaccine that didn't even work against
inhalation anthrax ... it just made people sick.

But homeland defense was never the idea, as Houston attorney Linda Minor
noted after scanning BioPort's directors' page: "This group is obviously
an investment syndicate composed of numerous intelligence agency members
representing assorted countries..."4

Bio-economic terrorism is the CIA's kind of low-intensity conflict. Dr.
Edgar J. DaSilva, director of the Division of Life Sciences of the UN,
says the approach is predicated on "the undermining and destruction of
economic progress and stability" by "the development and use of
biological agents against economic targets such as crops, livestock and

Germs, bacilli and viruses have certain advantages over conventional
armaments - explosives and noxious gases have to be explained, but viral
agents are plausibly deniable: "Such warfare can always be carried out
under the pretexts that such traumatic occurrences are the result of
natural circumstances that lead to outbreaks of diseases and disasters
of either endemic or epidemic proportions."5 The Zimbabwe anthrax
outbreak, the West Nile Virus, conceived at SAIC-USAMRIID, for instance.
Add a trained provocateur - a biochemical warfare specialist from a
Rhodesian death squad with a parafascist history will do - a little
media manipulation, and the result is anthrax psychosis.

That's exactly what the collective response was called in Argentina when
a false alarm was tripped by a suspect piece of mail. "Anthrax
psychosis," an Argentine newspaper reported, spread in October 2001,
"when a travel brochure mailed from Miami to a Buenos Aires family
initially tested positive." The spores tested inactive the second time,
but "within hours, frantic citizens swamped police stations, hospitals
and all kinds of government offices throughout the country with about
1,000 pieces of suspicious mail, most of them posted from the United
States or Pakistan."6

The Ames strain did get around. The lethal dust was found in mail rooms
... in a Princeton borough ... in the Senate ... in Dan Rather's CBS
office ... in a Kabul factory ... in New York City Hall ... in a
diplomatic pouch to the US Consulate General in Yekaterinburg, Russia
... in the Supreme Court's basement mailroom ... in a letter mailed to
Kenya ... at the Bureau of Prisons headquarters in Washington ... at the
broadcaster's headquarters in 30 Rockefeller Plaza ... on and on.

And the FBI, by focusing on Hatfill, gave the false impression that the
perpetrator was a lone gunman. He had accomplices, ran with a death
squad in the United States as he did in Rhodesia.

The anth

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