But we're supposed to believe!
Thu Feb 17, 2005 21:19


I have seen the "real" zapruder film".
Why, in God's name, would anyone ever believe anything that our government ever tells them?

Jackie Kennedy was trying to escape the carnage, that wa staking place that day, when the secret service agent jumped onto the back of the car and ordered her back in ":or else".

I have seen the footage of who "really shot JFK".

Why do the Presidents of the united states [put so much] faith in men who have no dedication to the man who "runs our country????

I would be the John Connally, on the back floor, ducking down, pulling my ankle holstered revolver, and ...ing firing back.
Justlike he did on that day!@!!!

It was common knowlege, at the time, that john connoly, carried a ankle-holstered revolver for self protection.

Saved his ass , didn't it?

What happened to the windshield that had the bullet hole in it?

That's not something that I'm making up.
It's common knowlege and it can be seen on various websites that shots came from the front. Some killed our President.
So what happened to that windshield?

Haven't any of you "Kennedy conspiry theorists" ever seen the "real" Zapruder film" ?

The driver, secret service, turns and blows Kennedy's head off, then speeds off?

Too much to believe?

Why was Ronald Regans limo parked like 70 feet from the front door of the hotel , when it's usually right in front?

Why did the shooters brother have a dinner invitation, that night, at Jeb bush's home?

I don't make this stuff up.

Don't believe me?

Do your homework.

G.W.Bush , wanted, more than anything, to be President.
He set up R.Reagan for a assassination, his name , nowhere to be found, but he failed.
Doubt me?

Do your homework!

Why was Jackie trying to jump out of the back of the limo?
What did that "secret service " man say to her? To make her jump back in?

You figure it out. It's all right there in front of your nose , if you just care to take the time to look.

Connelly knew what was going down. Her was prepared for it.
He dropped on the floor, pulled his ankle holstered revolver and started shooting back.
Unfortunately, Kennedy didn't have a clue. Nor Jackie.
Shit started hitting the fan, Connally dropped, started firing back, jackie jumped for her life, the secret service dude jumped on the back of the car, warned her to get back and shut the ... up and a gun was shoved into Connally's face and we all lived sadly ever after.

Anyone have the "nads "to counter my scenario?

It's not a scenario, it's what happened.

Right in front of Americas face.

And no one seen anything.

Not even the 126 eye witnesses that all died "mysterious " deaths.

Mc Sparky

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