Report: Foreigners linked to terror tricked INS
Donna Leinwand, USA TODAY
Report: Foreigners linked to terror tricked INS
Fri Feb 18, 2005 21:23


05/22/2002 - Updated 07:55 AM ET
Report: Foreigners linked to terror tricked INS
By Donna Leinwand, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON At least half of the 48 Muslim radicals linked to terrorist plots in the USA since 1993 manipulated or violated immigration laws to enter this country and then stay here, an analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies says.

The terrorists used tourist, student and business visas, requests for amnesty and asylum, sham marriages and lies to trick Immigration and Naturalization Service officials into allowing them to stay in the USA, according to the report, which the non-partisan center will release today. Even when the terrorists did little to hide violations of visa requirements or other laws, INS officials failed to enforce the laws or to deport the offenders, the report says.

"Every aspect of the U.S. immigration system has been penetrated by terrorists, so our response must be equally broad," says Steven Camarota, director of research for the center. "Clearly our immigration system is critically important to preventing attacks on U.S. soil. But it doesn't have to be foolproof. If you just catch some of the people, you can often cause a large conspiracy to unravel."

The study found that at the time they committed their crimes, 12 of the 48 were illegal immigrants. At least five others had lived in the USA illegally, and four others had committed significant immigration violations. Others were here legally but should have been rejected for visas because they fit U.S. immigration laws' profile of people who are likely to overstay their visas, the report says.

The report's unflattering portrayal of the INS is the latest blow to an agency that Congress has targeted for reorganization, largely because of the agency's failure to enforce immigration laws and keep track of immigrants and visitors. The INS does not have enough people to investigate and arrest all visa violators, agency spokesman Russ Bergeron says. There are 1,950 immigration agents nationwide and an estimated 7 million to 8 million undocumented immigrants about one agent for every 4,100 immigrants, Bergeron says.

The INS does not have a system to monitor visa expirations and does not track the whereabouts of foreign tourists.

"When you look at the wide range of important tasks, and the number of INS agents is smaller than most metropolitan police departments, it becomes rather obvious that there is a serious lack of resources," Bergeron says.

The analysis of the 48 men linked to terrorist plots here indicates that INS and consular officials do not sufficiently scrutinize visa applicants. It also says U.S. agencies and foreign governments do not communicate about terrorism watch lists and intelligence reports, and adds that the United States lacks immigration enforcement within the nation's borders.

When the INS does arrest suspected immigration violators, it sometimes lacks jail space to hold them, the report says.

It says INS officials should not have issued tourist visas to many of the Sept. 11 hijackers because, as young, unmarried, generally low-income men without significant ties to their home nations, they fit the profile of "intending immigrants." That means they were considered likely to overstay their visas and seek permanent immigration.

The study says the INS had several opportunities to keep Mohamed Atta, the suspected ringleader of the attacks Sept. 11, out of the country or to deport him once he arrived, Camarota says. Consular officials could have rejected his tourist visa because he seemed to be an "intending immigrant." When Atta overstayed his visa in December 2000, the INS could have deported him. When he left the USA a month later and then returned, INS agents could have refused to readmit him.

INS officials declined to commit on specific cases, saying they had not seen the report. An official from the consular bureau of the State Department, which issues visas at overseas consulates, says the visas cited in the report were issued in compliance with U.S. law.

How some with terrorist ties entered USA ... and stayed

A report by the Center for Immigration Studies says that more than half of 48 foreigners linked to terrorist incidents in the USA since 1993 should have been deported beforehand. In some cases, the report says, the foreigners misled the Immigration and Naturalization Service about their intentions. In others, authorities did not enforce U.S. laws. Among the cases examined:


Michelle Malkin: MS-13 WATCH
... MS-13 WATCH. By Michelle Malkin January 14, 2005 03:14 PM. There are a few new items to report on the rise of Mara Salvatrucha ...


Monday, January 03, 2005
Has the MS-13 moved to your town?
Here is some information about MS-13 about whom I get a lot of inquiries--- suffice it to say, they are a very serious group with very serious tactics--

SOURCE: US Office of Domestic Preparedness

12/29 (Townhall) 2004 was a good year for terrorists, violent gang members,
law-breakers and fraud artists seeking safe haven in America.

The rise of MS-13 . The savage El Salvador-based gang, Mara Salvatrucha
(MS-13), has now penetrated more than a dozen states. In May, a Fairfax,
Va., teenager had his fingers chopped off in an MS-13 machete attack. In
November, Washington, D.C.-area police received warning that MS-13 is
plotting to ambush and kill them when they respond to service calls. Active
in alien, drug and weapons smuggling, MS-13 members in America have been
tied to numerous killings, robberies, carjackings, extortions and rapes. The
gang has also been linked to efforts to help al Qaeda infiltrate the
U.S.-Mexico border.

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