"NO Excuses"
"NO Excuses"
Sat Feb 19, 2005 08:03

I'm an "expatriated" Christian Amerikaner living in internal exile by my own choice. I have chosen to depart from a completely corrupted criminal system of government that has become so rife with evil that even I could no longer tolerate it, and I am no saint.

We have become murderers by proxy. We have become a tyrannical killing machine that the entire world is fearful will only get worse. We have no excuse because without our willing participation this abominable "beast" we call government cannot exist.

Every so many years we Americans are forced to admit that our ancestors were brutal murdering liars. We have murdered and maimed American Indians, Latin Americans, South Americans, Middle-Easterners, Southeast Asians, and appear to have an insatiable appetite.

Many will say that we live better than the rest of the world. To them I say, GO TO HELL. Many will say we live in peace because we have fought the wars elsewhere. To them I say, it will soon be here in full strength.

America has little time to correct itself from this path of self-destruction through perpetual wars instituted through fraud by the lying scumbags in D.C. Americans must stop being apathetic, and DO SOMETHING to demonstrate their opposition to the fascist monsters in D.C.

If we stop them we have accomplished our duty to God and Country. If we allow the un-checked rape and murder of the world around us we deserve to rot on earth and burn in hell.

We can do it together. We are a force to be reckoned with if we unite to end the tyrants reign, stop funding their criminal acts and refuse to send our children to die for their power struggles and profits.

If you send your children to fight for the criminals in D.C. you deserve the grief you may suffer when they die. If you raise your children to blindly pledge allegiance to a criminal cabal using the American Flag for their self-aggrandizement, you deserve the grief you will receive.

If you are too afraid to stand for righteousness, justice and "LIFE" itself, you don't deserve the life you enjoy at the expense of the world at large.

When you support the treachery of those in DC in any manner ... you too are a murderer of children.

Think about it. You've been told all of your life how free you are. So, if you're free, then you should have no trouble deciding not to fund murderers and thieves in D.C.

It's time we the people stood up and demand an end to this totalitarian, fascist, jew riddled fraud, that has usurped a free state by enacting unconstitutional and draconian police state edicts.

The Bush brat and his henchmen are merely the current ration of death merchants. Bill Clinton and his henchmen were no different. Nor were Reagan's, or Carter's, or Ford's, or Nixon's .... we have a long history of murderous acts and actors to apologize for once we get the current regime undern control.

Let us be the ones that put an end to this ceaseless attack on humanity. Let us stand for something ... I'm begging.

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