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Iran Scam - Anti Tank Mines (Looking like UK to Pakistan Mun
Mon Feb 12, 2007 20:07

Iran Scam - Anti Tank Mines (Looking like UK to Pakistan Munitions Deployed by Israelies)
Looks like that “slam-dunk” evidence that Iran is arming Iraqi insurgents is not so slam-dunk after all. NewsHog has the scoop, here and here.
For one thing, the lettering and numbering isn’t in Farsi (the language used by Iranians); for another, the UK uses 81MM shells, and Iran would be much more likely to use Soviet-style 82MM shells.
In addition: As a commenter at NewsHog noted, the UK uses shells of that type, so there’s a strong likelihood that this was grabbed out of a Brit ammo dump in Iraq, given a cursory rebranding, and then ‘found’ in an insurgents’ den.
Fakes? Say it isn’t so!
I’ve always felt that the lesson the Republicans would have drawn from the WMD fiasco was to actually fake the evidence, instead of just faking the case for war.
pics from the US provided disc from today's "briefing".

It shows an 81mm mortar round with ENGLISH, not FARSI writing on it.

The neocon Tale-graph's caption, unbelievably, is "A photo of a roadside bomb released by the US military today. The US claims the device was made in Iran for insurgents in Iraq."

Holy BS, Batman!

(H/T Whatreallyhappened.com )

Sean Paul at The Agonist, recently returned from a trip to Iran, has this to add:
Look, I admit, I don't know much about bomb-making. And I don't know much about how factories label bombs. But I do know that in Iran virtually all numbers were in the Farsi-Arabic script. They were not and do not resemble our numbers.

...Couple questions spring to mind first: is this pattern of numbers to be found on other similar weapons, made by other countries? This Russian 82mm has the markings etched in Russian. Are we sure that the Iranians use the 81mm round? Just in case I really embarrass myself by asking a tremendously stupid question, let me just add this (consider it troll repellent): there are no stupid questions. The only stupid questions are those not asked. Otherwise how are we supposed to learn. Markings on the Zelzal [missile] are in Farsi. [Example here - C]
UPDATE One of Sean Paul's readers says the ordinance in the picture isn't from Iran. It's from PAKISTAN. I've been saying that was a possibility for a long time now, as regular readers well know.

Update The guy who said it might be Pakistani is now rethinking that opinion, but feels the round could be any one of a number of copies of the common 81mm round from any number of nations. It could, to my untrained eye, even be a WW2 era U.S. 81mm M43A1 HE round, repainted. The US also still uses an 81mm mortar round family, some of which are made in the UK and some made to a modified design in the US.

The BBC has since put up a companion report to their earlier one which says:
On a table to their right was laid out the evidence. Weapons components, including two rocket propelled grenade rounds, mortar rounds and the unusually-titled Explosively Formed Penetrator or EFP. They could be traced to Iran, we were told.

With no detailed military knowledge, it was impossible to verify the claims - that is why the explosives expert was there.

He went into some detail to explain why a mortar's tail fin was of a type only known to be produced in Iran. He told us that a sophisticated machining process was required to manufacture the metal liners of the EFPs. This had previously been traced to Iran. The capability for such a process had not yet been seen in Iraq.
Consider this as an update to the post below.
They Expect You To Believe THIS

The UK's Daily Telegraph released one of the pics from the US provided disc from today's "briefing".
Well, the bit about the liners is simply BS, and you will notice that, after spending so much time explaining why the tail-fin on the mortar round proves it is Iranian the picture the reporters were given to take away is positioned and composed in such a way that the tail-fin is the very bit not shown...

Update It's confirmed at least that Iran produces an 81mm mortar round. Here's the actual 81mm HE round from Iran's Defense Industries organization. The stencilling on the body is of a very different form but that may not mean much.

No, it's the "distinctive" welded steel eight-fin tail unit of the Iranian round that's supposed to make identification possible according to the US, and the pic the US provided doesn't show the tailfin.

Next question: Has anyone seen any other pics from the U.S. disc yet, or is the one above the only one media outlets are using? Answer: Have a look on the sidebar of this LA Times article for a gallery of 6 pics from the US provided disc. See what you think.

Update Shockingly, Gen. Peter Pace, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and America's top soldier, has told the Australian media that he was unaware of the briefing and refused to back its claims.
Previous Update

Marines Believe Israel Deploying Supposed Iranian Mines
Marines Question The Sophistication Of Latest Attacks
Some Marines question latest weaponry in Iraq - unverified, but According to the site. Some marines are questioning where specific DU
anti-tank mines are coming from.
http://judicial-inc.biz/Mossad_bombs__sophisticated.htm (For pics and active links)
Marines Suspect Someone Is Placing Electronic Triggers On Vehicles

This smells of Mossad, Israeli mercenaries, and Israeli advisors with access to our troop movements.

No One Wants These Israelis Advisors Floating Around

Marines Are Questioning Advanced Weapons
These are highly advanced and powerful weapons. They aren't being made out of old ammunition stockpiles, as the press says. You don't flip a 70-ton battle tank on its back that easy.

The Attacks On Specific Targets Come Into Question
The odd part is that the targets seem to be hand-picked. They range from an SUV with six snipers, to an APC carrying female Marines to a checkpoint.
The attack targets seem to be hand-picked, in order to cause maximum psychological effect and angering of the US military, as well as the American people at home. Only the Zionists benefit from such anger. Marine even started a Blog on this episode.

The Detonators Are The Key
Marines suspect laser detonators, or proximity fuses. The vehicle will have a transmitter planted on it. A laser receiver then sends an impulse to a detonator as the vehicle crosses the beam. The bombs are under the roadways' center lanes, and pick off only the targeted vehicles.
How It Works
A shape charge is planted under the road, on the route the tank will take. A friendly IDF advisor, or Israeli intelligence agent working as a contractor, plants the transmitter on the tank. As the tank passes the laser reader/receiver, an impulse is sent to the detonator.
How Complicated?
Like railroad cars being scanned by a bar code, or the grocery clerk scanning your corn flakes at the checkout counter and getting the price via UPC Code.

IDF Bomb Experts
It seems that an IDF "advisor", or civilian contractor, is 'Johnnie on the spot'. Israel Defense Industries makes shape charges.
Or how about those Israeli contractors at Abu Ghraib prison?

Rumsfeld Blames Iran
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Tuesday that weapons recently confiscated in Iraq were "clearly, unambiguously from Iran" and admonished Tehran for allowing the explosives to cross the border.

Israelis Plant A Bogus Story
In this story, they say that the Marines suspected the Iraqis have sophisticated devices that may have been similar to Israeli equipment. The story will slowly morph into stolen equipment that was duplicated in Iran.
It seems the story of the 19 Israeli mercenaries, who were bomb disposal experts that were arrested for firing on Marines, is now history.
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