Washington Post Shills for Pentagon & Bush Cabal
Tue Feb 13, 2007 13:58

Washington Post Shills for Pentagon & Bush Cabal

Top Cheney Aide: 2007 Is ‘The Year Of Iran,’ U.S. Attack ‘A Real Possibility’


Fox News: Run by Al-Qaeda operatives?

Larry Franklin was with Ledeen! Connect the dots
sraeli moles in the DOD created the pretext for the War in Iraq

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2007 3:56 am Post subject: Larry Franklin was with Ledeen! Connect the dots


The OSP's Larry Franklin was with Ledeen when they brought the Niger forgeries to Washington. Yes the same Larry Franklin who got busted spying for AIPAC. Let me remind you that the OSP under Feith's office int he DOD had been seeing Israeli generals. Israeli moles in the DOD created the pretext for the War in Iraq which other Zionists had written policy papers about and had already tried to convince Clinton to carry out while he wa sin office. After the Mossad rigged 911 they could steer the US into whatever they wanted. We have total proof that the War in Iraq was based on lies, not mistakes but conscious lies. We have absolute proof that the bulk of these lies came out of the OSP in the DOD from a bunch of Jewish guys who had dual citizenship with Israel most of whom already had rap sheets from Iran Contra, and wrote multiple policy papers and thinktank paper detailing exactly how this war has been carried out including setting up the INC with Amad Chalabi. Add to that that Israel has been caught up in two different spy rings, the art students affair as well as the AIPAC spy ring which we KNOW was using Franklin who was in the OSP which made up the lies about Iraq. Add to that the Zionist Lobbyist Abramoff bribing congress.

It was the Mossad that was busted on 911 filming the event and working for a fake moving company. Why was the Mossad surrounding Saudi Hijacker cells? They were working together obviously.
In Hollywood Florida the Mossad (fake art students) lived right next door to 4 of the said hijackers including the said ringleader Atta. Zim-American Israeli Shipping Company moved out of the WTC on April 3 of 2001 and forfeited a $50,000 lease cancellation penalty. At least two employees from Odigo and Israeli company, got warning about 911 prior to the attack.

The Washington Times the same paper an only one to report on the 1980s Boystwon Franklin cover up reported the day before 911 that the Army School of Advanced Military Studies had said of the Mossad that they were "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target US forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act".

Sep 6th bomb sniffing dogs are removed from the towers and on Sep 9-10 security cameras are turned off in the South tower as the New York Port Authority "upgraded internet cables..." Sep 10th Atta visits the 107th floor of the South tower. We know because the FBI has credit card receipts showing he was there (or at least someone with his credit card). However the 911 commission report shows that Atta was in Boston and drove to Maine on that day. This is not the first time that Atta was in two places at once.

Remember now that miraculous claim that after 911 somehow Atta's passport (one he had reported stolen in 1999) was found close to ground zero. Apparently it fell from the plane unburned (in a fire that was supposed to weaken steel enough to collapse skyscraper) and landed on the ground for the FBI to find, also Atta apparently left a list of the 19 hijacker in his bag in a hotel room....pppssssh Riiiiiiight. I think we know who was really on the 107th floor planting a GSP guidance system, and it was not Atta, it was the Mossad. And I think we know who planted the Atta passport for the FBI to find as well as the very convenient list of the 19 hijackers (some of who turned up alive) in the hotel.

Israel is all over this from top to bottom. We are going to go to war with Iran soon because of Israel and the Israelis will re-attack Lebanon. To know more about Israel and Iraq and 911 and PNAC go here
AIPAC must register as the agent of a foreign power. Free Palestine. Brits out of Ireland. Impeach Bush. End the Federal Reserve
Get my book "Welcome to the USSA" today! read for free 911 Reality



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