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(All times PACIFIC TIME - Most available via live stream. Archived appearances here.)

FRI 2/2 3:00-6:00pm: Guest Hosting The Peter B. Collins Show from Phoenix! Live AZ Election Integrity Townhall Forum! Sponsored by Phoenix affiliate 1480 KPHX! Near Phoenix? Come to the LIVE Bradcast beg. 4pm AZ time @ The Plumbers Union Hall, 24th St. & Earl, Just N. of Thomas! More details...
SAT 2/3, 2:30pm: Paul Berenson, , KTMS NewsRadio 990 (Santa Barbara, CA)
SUN 2/4, 11:00am: Cynthia Black, KPHX 1480am (Air America/NovaM Pheonix - In Studio!)
MON 2/5, 3:00pm: Dr. Stanley Monteith, Radio Liberty (Online & Elsewhere, Conservative)


About Brad Friedman...
Aside from being named Time Magazine's 2006 "Person of the Year", Brad is an investigative citizen journalist/blogger, political commentator and broadcaster.

Just some of the many notable national stories he's broken on his blog include "The White House Website Scrubbing", the "Tom Feeney/Clint Curtis/Yang Enterprises Vote-Rigging Scandal", the story of the phony GOP front group, "American Center for Voting Rights", the E-Voting Machine "Sleepover" controversy in San Diego's Busby/Bilbray U.S. House Special Election and his continuing coverage of Electronic Voting Machine companies such as Diebold who are destroying American democracy. He has been reporting on other stories closely related to Election Integrity since at least November 3rd, 2004.

Reports and breaking news from his popular website, The BRAD BLOG, are frequently cited by the national media, and can be read at

He has appeared on ABC News, CNN and CourtTV to discuss his reporting and expertise on a variety of issues.

He has written articles and editorials for Mother Jones, Editor & Publisher, ComputerWorld, Columbus Free Press,,, Harvard's Nieman Foundation of Journalism, Hustler and other non-pornographic publications and websites.

In addition to live speaking engagements around the country, Brad is also the host of The BRAD SHOW, a radio program co-produced with Internet news site RAW STORY. As well, he is a frequent Guest and Guest Host on radio shows around the country. More information, online listening links, and archives to previous BRAD SHOW's can be found at

Still wanna know more? His personal webpage is at

You may Email him here. He may answer.

VIDEO MASHUP: George W. Bush's Painful Decisions



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