Fw: Success in Court, IRS loses big time
Mon Feb 5, 2007 00:03

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Subject: Fw: Success in Court, IRS loses big time
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 11:19:06 -0700

Dear Group,

I received this 14 minute press conference release yesterday, (see email below mine for email site to pull up video of press conference), please listen to it for it will validate what has been said all along. Income taxes are voluntary becasue there is no law that states specifically that we must file as sovereign Americans. Also just last week in the 9th Distrcit Court the IRS admitted they could not answer the quetions asked of them because their own code of title 26 is far to complicated to find a correct answer. They sought to seal the case however, the judge refused to do so thus Paul Harvey even brought this case to the public. The case number is #0474846 for the record. hyou should all have by now seen the Russo dvd about the system and its corruption.

Recently here in Arizona we won another Federal Court case regarding credit cards. The bank refused to produce the discovery evidence required. #1. the origianal signed contract. 2. The bank auditors books showing what real assets had been lost to be able to claim a loss of assests. #3. The bank auditor did not show up for court, just a loan officer who because he had no first hand evidence or testimony of the loss of assets was thrown out of court. The case was dismissed and credit had to be restored.

The Conditioanl Acceptance Remedy allowed him to go into court in honor and the bank in total dishonor and thus it created a very tense situation for the banking lawyers who basically threw up the hands in disgust because they did not get their way in court. It is a real positive to be able to hae thim in total default and dishonor before you enter the court house.

Any how if someone needs help with the IRS, Banks, foreclosure, mortgage or illegal incarciration please contact me at 480-558-3346

Les H/Father



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