Camilo H. Tapia
Wed Feb 7, 2007 18:36

It can now be revealed that both U.S. Senators Charles Schumer(D-NY) and Dick Durbin(D-IL) are now caught in a C.I.A./Mossad Box. Both Senators Charles Schumer and Dick Durbin, reside together in Washington, D.C. while performing legislative duties in the U.S. Congress[See: "Chuck's Place" by Katherine Marsh, The New York Times, March 3, 2002].
After the Oklahoma City Bombing[April 19, 1995], Charles Schumer legislated a bill HR2580. In the book, "THE SECRET TERRORISTS" by Bill Hughes on pages 117-118 he tells about bill "HR 2580":
"One of the laws considered for passage after the Oklahoma City bombing was the gross destruction of the First Amendment advocated in charles Schumer's bill, HR 2580. In this bill, a five-year prison sentence would be given for publicly engaging in unseemly speculation and publishing or transmitting by wire or electronic means baseless conspiracy theories regarding the federal government of the United States."
In the blog: "9/11 LIKE WATERGATE", the name Charles Schumer is mentioned and in the blog: "VORNADO REALTY TRUST; FRONT FOR THE C.I.A." the name Dick Durbin appears. This, of course dovetails the the 9/11 Commission investigation i.e. covering up the political corruption and the plundering of real estate. Keep in mind, that the 9th U.S. Circuit Court has a "broad" interpretation of the R.I.C.O. Act of 1970. "THE HARDSHIP OUTWEIGHS THE LOSS, AND ANYTHING TO THE CONTRARY IS IRRELEVANT." ARE YOU LISTENING PATRICK FITZGERALD?

Respectfully submitted,

Camilo H. Tapia
Windsor, Ontario

P.S. "You did good and we did better." Richard Boone, quote from the movie: "HOMBRE"-1967
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