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Soldier, as your DU-related illness progresses you will likely be on pain and chemotherapy medications. Such drugs are only partly assimilated by the body with the remainder being expelled in urine. Natural aquatic systems, the receiving waters for most wastewater treatment plants, are already frighteningly impacted by excess pharmaceuticals in wastewater, the long-term effects of which are unknown but widely expected to be disastrous. What will be the synergistic impact on these aquatic systems when your radioactive waste mixes with the excess pharmaceuticals? Our drinking water is part of this same water cycle, so you should realize that you may end up contributing to the ruin of our drinking water supply.

Soldier, some of your radioactive waste will be collected in sludge digesters at the wastewater treatment plant while awaiting it's transformation via composting into fertilizer. An increasingly common method of sludge disposal is to spray it in forested areas. What will be the effect of your radioactive waste on the plants, animals and microscopic organisms living in forested areas? Suppose a deer forages on vegetation growing in your radioactive waste and then leaves radioactive droppings in a place where a person or animal can contact them -- what is the risk to that person or animal? Suppose a bird foraging in vegetation growing in your radioactive waste in the forest flies over and drops it's own radioactive bomb in a backyard where a child is playing -- what risk is that to the child?

Soldier, you have chosen to go to Iraq and risk your life. That was your decision, and tragically maybe you made it without complete knowledge of what you were facing. You now have the knowledge that you may become contaminated with DU, and that if so, you are likely to become sick and share your contamination with the rest of us. Deciding for yourself to go there and risk your own health is one thing. It's another thing altogether to make that decision for the rest of us.
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