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Sat Feb 5, 2005 21:38


BTS database once again folks....

US Airways Flight 1237 never happened according to the BTS database. though, there is an article below stating that it was in sight of flight 11 just before it hit the WTC.

Ive got to wonder who has the ability to change the BTS data.
The BTS is a government database of flight times, arrivals, departures, cancellations, etc...
911 researchers have previously noted that flight 11 and 77 were non-existant in the BTS for Sept 11th.
from my understanding, the carriers are responsible for giving the data to the FAA, then it is entered into the database.
BUT, most planes have ACARS that can automatically send the data.
I dont know if this still goes to the carrier first, or if it goes straight to the FAA/BTS ?

I would sure love to get to the bottom of this. there are a TON of false entreis, missing entries JUST PRIOR to the events on sept 11th.
Like how flight 93 was in 2 places at one time on sept 10th

The same thing happened to this plane on Sept 10th 2001.
It was in 2 places at once according to the BTS.
This just happens to be the same plane that Mr Friedman flew in 2003 that he recorded as 591UA. (flight 93)
http://friedmanfamily.org/ua2003/ do a search for 591UA 04/10/03

Was this plane swapped with 594UA ?

(some sept 10th, some early morning sept 11th, before the first plane hit.)
Did the Airlines know something in advance ?

I have taken some of the BTS problems with a grain of salt, since i dont know for sure how the data is entered.
ALSO, since it may be possible that some of the problems may have been that the data was just never sent to the FAA?


BUT, in this case, the data is not missing. It is there, its just plain WRONG.
According to the BTS this flight was cancelled.

US Airways Flight 1237 from Rochester was circling over Westchester County, waiting to land at La Guardia Airport, when the Boeing 737 suddenly began climbing steeply. The captain's voice came over the intercom. "There is a lockdown at the New York airports because of a hijacking," the captain said in measured tones. "An American Airlines 767 out of Boston that just flew over us, I regret to inform you, has just crashed into the World Trade Center. You can look out the right side of the plane and see the smoke." There were gasps. Then the passengers started talking, some to the person next to them, others to no one in particular. Shirley Dildane of Hammondsport, N.Y., said softly, "Well, I won't be having my meeting today." http://www.wardgriffin.com/sept11one.htm

One has to wonder if this flight really happened?
OK, hard to believe, so lets say it did happen.
WHY is the BTS wrong? It is not as though the data was not entered, it was. It clearly shows the flight was cancelled on 3 seperate BTS lookups.
So, who entered false data, and most importantly...
WHY ???

i put the BTS tables on the web here...


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