Brown Re-evaluation
Thu Jan 25, 2007 17:34

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Subject: Brown Re-evaluation
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 15:19:42 -0600
From: Oceania Investigations
To: APFN Vardon

(I received this from someone who has known Ed for a dozen years but prefers anonymity for now. I also have the details of his allegations elsewhere and have no reason to doubt the veracity of his accusations. He has been a valuable source of mine for a decade or more.)

To: Pat Shannan

From: TorchLily.

Reference: Ed Brown Siege, New Hampshire

A head's up is in order regarding the above "Siege" in New Hampshire.

Not all is as it appears. Cool your jets.

I have known Ed Brown for a very long time. He is a walking, talking contradiction. Ed has been looking for theatrics for ten years. Now, this cocky provocative emperor-wannabe has that which he hungered for. Watch out!

Mr. Brown vacillates between wanting to be "Top Cop" and desiring to be top dog of America's Constitutional Movement. The two ideas "don't mix". They never have, and they never will.

But, it's Ed Brown's behavior that bears the strictest scrutiny. For a decade now, anyone who dares to diss Brown receives Brown's full wrath. How? Let me count the ways....

Brown's favorite revenge tactic is to make a phone call to the feds or state police. He's mean as snot. If he can't make you fall under his spell, he'll make you pay. His revenge is usually dished out in the form of an instant presto roadblock he's arranged; and you're the MJTF's prey.

Brown wants to be surrounded by human bowling pins, and he doesn't really care who or what they are. Be sure and ask Brown about his long-time association with the Communist group The New Black Panthers. Go ahead. Ask him. He won't hide it. He's proud of it.

As long as Mr. Brown can be at the helm pointing his finger and supplying all of his bowling pins with a list of his demands, he'll always sit pretty. Everyone's consumable to him. The more the merrier.

However, when that big bowling ball comes barreling down the alley, the pins will be all knocked down. But, not Ed Brown. You just watch. He's doing it all for us? What a crock of poop.

Here's another couple of questions for Eddie: Why isn't Elaine Brown "standing by her man?" What does she know that we don't? Yup. Make that double yup. I know that the court has instructed Elaine Brown to stay out of her Plainfield marital home right now. She's got little to no say in that regard. But, it's much more than Mrs. Brown's decision to stay with her son in Massachusetts. Much, much more. Elaine is - quietly and quickly - disassociating from Ed in every way. Why? Remember, Elaine Brown was the solo breadwinner in that marriage. It was Elaine's dental office that was raided two years ago or so and Elaine and her staff held at gunpoint. Not Ed. And, not the couple's home where Ed remained sitting pretty. Why?

What's Brown going to do next? Put out another brazzo for more human bowling pins to protect him? Or will he call upon his contacts at the FBI for help?

A righteous soapbox. And, a non-righteous man with a penchant for manipulating and abusing people on his way to super stardom. That dog don't hunt.

If you still wish to support Ed Brown and his tax rebel platform, my only advice to you is this caveat: BOHICA. (Bend over. Here it comes again.)

Oceania Investigations

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