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9/11 I've never been so disgusted
Fri Jan 19, 2007 17:28

9/11 I've never been so disgusted

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Subject: Kucinich office: to be no review of 9/11 Commission findings of fact -- "not a priority...9/11 is passed"
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 14:57:14 -0500
From: Kyle Hence
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Dear friends, colleagues and supporters,

In my five years working as an advocate for full investigation of 9/11
I've never been so disgusted and outraged by what I just heard from the
Communications Director in the office of Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) who
I have lobbied directly and personally on a number of occasions since he
last ran for the Democratic nomination in 2004.

Prior to his re-election to Congress last November Rep. Kucinich
mentioned "9/11" on his own website as one of the areas that needed to
be investigated by a new Congress exercising its power and
responsibility of oversight; in fact it was first on a long list. Well,
it now appears he is not planning to walk his talk...unless of course he
hears from enough of you to make him change course.

Not a half hour ago, I hung up the phone after talking with Mr. Auke
Mahar Piersma, the Representative's Communications Director. After
identifying myself as Director of 9/11 CitizensWatch and briefly
describing my efforts to bring the case for hearings to the attention of
his boss, he told told me that his offices' priorities had been set,
that 9/11 "is passed" and that it was not on their list of priorities.
Nor would it be in his capacity as the newly appointed Chairman of a new
Subcommittee of the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform.

The email I sent to his office and posted on his website at
follows this message.

The status quo of our elected government ignoring the proven cover-up of
9/11 must be overturned.

The status quo of ignoring the will of the people, the majority of which
support a new investigation much be reversed.

The status quo of elected officials stuck with their heads in the sand,
ignoring the proverbial elephant at their rear, must be eclipsed by a
new commitment to hold hearings to review the findings of the 9/11

To date not a single hearing has been held in Congress to review the
first and most important mandate given the 9/11 Commission ("To provide
a full accounting of the facts and circumstances surrounding the attacks
of Sept. 11th), to review a Commission that has fallen precipitously in
the eyes of the public who now by an overwhelming majority suspect some
kind of cover-up.

According to a report produced by 9/11 widows Lori Van Auken and Mindy
Kleinberg [] the 9/11
Commission failed to adequately answer roughly 70% of the questions
posed it by the 9/11 Family Steering Committee

The status quo must be overturned, and not just on Iraq, wiretapping or
torture; but on 9/11 as well. The Democrats will be put out in '08 if
they don't effect such a sea change. The tide has already turned with
the public relative to the official story of 9/11, now it's time for the
elected representatives who are legally bound to serve and protect the
people to do so by conducting a simple but thorough review of the 9/11

Please join me in calling on Rep. Kucinich to personally repudiate the
comments of his Communications Director and re-commit to his
Constitutional duty to provide oversight; in this case to the travesty
of the increasingly discredited 9/11 Commission and it's deeply flawed
and deficient findings of fact. Surely, Mr. Mahar-Piersma words don't
reflect the true sentiments of Rep. Kucinich. Let us hear from Rep.
Kucinich himself to assure us his commitment is there. Let's see his
leadership redeem Congress and set the record straight on the 9/11


Kyle F. Hence

Friday, January 19, 2007 - 07:49 AM
Posted by: khence

Current News about 9-11
following was emailed to the office of Rep. Dennis Kucinich and posted
on This in response to news of Rep. Kucinich being
appointed to Chair a new Oversight and investigative subcommittee.
Communications Director Auke Mahar-Piersma said when asked if 9/11 was
even on the list of priorities, "no it is not. It's passed, over
with..."; this is an outrage that a leading member of the House would
take this position about the worst terrorist attack ever on US soil,
especially when there is such compelling evidence for cover-up and foul
play. -- Contact his office and make your own reasoned case for hearings
in his sub-committee]

*2 Investigations that could change everything *
Submitted by khence on Fri, 2007-01-19 17:12.

Full and fair investigations into the following has the potential to
spark changes of a most profound and far-reaching nature. Time is short.
Please act now.

In order of importance:

1) Federal Reserve System

"The [privately-owned] Central Bank is an institution of the most deadly
hostility existing against the principles and form of our
Constitution... if the American people allow private banks to control
the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by
deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will
deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake
up homeless on the continent their fathers
conquered." --Thomas Jefferson

The US Treasury must reclaim the power of print US Currency from the
Federal Reserve. Jefferson said we had more to fear from a Central Bank
than from a standing army. Award winning producer Aaron Russo's film
AMERICA: From Freedom to Fascism [] documents
well the dangers and inherent unfairness and unconstitutionality of the
Federal Reserve system that cedes the power to print money (and charge
interest) to a non-transparent clique private bankers. M-3 (money
supply) deliberations are entirely secret. Here lies the root of much
evil and injustice.

Rep. Kucinich, a full investigation into the very foundation of our
economic system (endless debt and debt profiteering) is the single most
important inquiry your sub-committee could undertake in the 110th
Congress. For further food for thought on this please see

2) 9/11 Commission -- September 11th Attacks

There is a long history, increasingly well documented, of 'false flag'
terrorist attacks which are perpetrated by one party or extremist group
but pinned on another to advance the former's agenda. Congress, in
solely examining and advancing the findings of the 2nd mandate given the
9/11 Commission, has overlooked what an overwhelming majority of
Americans suspect is a cover-up. There is strong evidence for this in
papers, books, and DVDs such as 9/11: Press for Truth
[] released last September.

Congress has yet to hold a single hearing to formally review the 1st
mandate given the 9/11 Commission: "to provide a full accounting of the
facts and circumstances surrounding the attacks."

This must be done given the well documented major omissions of fact,
distortions and censorship of whistleblower testimony and
over-classification. Operation Gladio
[] in Italy killed
hundreds of innocent civilians. Parliamentary inquiries and trails
exposed strong evidence suggesting the involvement of MI6 and the CIA in
a decade of terrorist attacks that were blamed on the left and the
communists in Italy. Parliamentary inquiries in Italy, Belgium and
Switzerland provide clear and compelling precedent for a review of the
9/11 Commission's findings and a push toward full accountability and
disclosure of classified documents the 9/11 families are now asking to
be released. [].

The families' own review of the finding found that 70% of the questions
posed by their Family Steering Committee were not answered by the
Commission. [see PDF at]

Please seek me out. As Director of 9/11 CitizensWatch and Executive
Producer of 9/11: Press for Truth I am in a unique position to help your
sub-committee advance these most important of inquiries.

Kyle F. Hence

Two additional investigations that would also make a huge difference: 1)
FCC - public ownership of the airwaves -- effect of corporate power -
media monopolies on public discourse. 2) Organic Agriculture: most
industrial agriculture is oil intensive meaning much of the oil we
import ends up as food, toxic food at that. Organic agricultures needs
and deserves a huge boost.

NOTE: It should be noted that there may be a significant cross over
between these two investigations. Google "Bill Bergman" and read his
reports on his own investigation into anomalous and significant spikes
in the [hard] currency in circulation that occurred just prior to the
9/11 attacks. Bill is a man of high integrity and intelligence who blew
the whistle on these anomalies and asked a few too many questions of his
superiors and as a result lost his job at the Federal Reserve. -KFH

P.S. Search this site as well. We have several of his stories posted
here as well for your review.

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