Peace Rally 1/14- Stop War In Iraq in DC 1/27
Fri Jan 19, 2007 21:51


RIPDA Peace Rally 1/14- Stop War In Iraq in DC 1/27-Wickford

Bob is a Professional media person and will be following our trip to Dc on the 27th. After if PDA would like he can produce a DVD and provide copies. He can also produce future DVDs for PDA at a decent price as long as he doesn't have to travel special. WE are paying for his trip and expenses to get this covered which in the end I think can be a Big boost for PDA.

As you will see it's apparent I need a bit more sleep from my face, Bob arrived just after the event as did one other local TV News station but still did get some good coverage.


We work to educate the public on the importance
of promoting and supporting global human rights issues.

Info-Mission was founded in 2000 to provide alternative viewpoints on global human rights issues to college campus groups. We organized lecture events to provide students and the general public with fresh perspectives on controversial topics not discussed in mainstream media. We believe it is imperative that American's fully understand the impact of current United States foreign policy abroad. This knowledge can potentially motivate the public toward action and the development of progressive policies that emphasize human rights principles.

Our human rights educational program consist of outreach seminars discussing topics ranging from International Law, Vietnam and Religious Persecution to Depleted Uranium.

A special educational workshop for school children is available to illuminate the fundamental principles of human rights that standard curriculum does not address. Our goal is to reach out to underserved communities and inspire young people to create a healthier and peaceful global community.

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