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Sat Jan 20, 2007 16:08

Whether unaware or not of his status as a COINTELPRO asset, ... Roger Helbig often threatens media outlets to intinidate them into not covering stories . ...

From: Roger Helbig -
Date: 1/20/2007 5:47:36 AM
Cc: Peter B. Collins; C-SPAN Washington Journal; *Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.; Dennis Kyne; VET PAC; Steve Robinson \(Veterans for America\); Veterans For Peace; VTERANS FOR COMMON SENSE; a Veterans Rights Activist; John Borg; John From Pa.
Subject: A project supporting the movement against depleted uranium weaponry.

Ralph C Whitley, Jr has gone off the deep end. The Movement (crusade is what I prefer to call it) began with lies by Saddam and now is feeding poison to our young, poison for their minds, from people who think that they actually are doing good for the world. Unfortunately, none of them understand that DU is nearly inert when it comes to radioactive substances, that a 4.5 billion year half life means that half of all the Uranium 238 that ever existed at the creation of the earth still exists and has not decayed. In contrast, Polonium 210 is a vigorously decaying substance with a half life of 110 days. Polonium 210 kills and Uranium just sort of sits there. There also is the matter of the "dust", which is not circling the globe and is not prevalent in the air throughout Iraq or Afghanistan where the actual usage of DU tank killing munitions was quite minimal since the Taliban had perhaps a total of a dozen tanks. The activists claim that all of the bombs contained DU but they could easily learn that no such bombs exist, but that does not keep activists like Douglas Lind Rokke, PhD EDUCATION (that's right, school teacher, not physicist and certainly not medical doctor even though Rokke tries to convey that image by claiming to have treated DU casualties ... there were no friendly fire incidents in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and that is where Rokke safely spent the entire Gulf War), Major US Army RESERVE (not the active Army, the Reserve, the weekend warriors and that is exactly what Rokke was for all but about 6 years of his 27 year military career, a weekend warrior in the Illinois Army National Guard and the Army Reserve, his active duty years were four as an Air Force enlisted avionics technician straight out of high school during Vietnam, where he served in South East Asia for perhaps two years, one as an activated Army Reserve First Lieutenant for Desert Storm and one as a voluntarily activated Army Reserve Captain at Fort McClellan, Alabama, when Rokke claims he was Director of the Army DU program not just the liaison officer with a contractor preparing DU training materials and he served less than a year as a civilian GS-13 Supervisory Instructional Specialist at the same location until he was fired for not being able to cut the mustard - again, he was not the Director of the Army DU program, but to his adoring listeners, Rokke is the "expert" on DU. For information about Rokke, go to the documents I have posted from his military records and PhD thesis about teaching physics to vocational high school students (not about DU) at ; ;  and  - DU is the easiest to join, but the links section of DUStory is available to the public, though the files require you to join. I have 26 pages, about half of the available records from Rokke's military files and the bulk of the PhD in Education thesis from the University of Illinois library and I will be glad to send them onward to anyone who wants to see them. I especially welcome inquiries from the media because I want to end this anti-DU crusade madness before they convince some poor Arab kid that he might as well get even with the US for poisoning his country forever by setting off a dirty bomb or nuclear weapon here in the US. That may not be their goal, but it certainly could be the result.

Roger Helbig
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Subject: [apfn-1] A project supporting the movement against depleted uranium weaponry.

The movement against depleted uranium weaponry. Radio Your Way

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A project supporting the movement against depleted uranium weaponry.



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