Bruce Hayden
Ed Brown
Mon Jan 22, 2007 15:51

I have serously been considering going to New Hampshire to join Mr. Brown up until today when some opportunities presented themselves that may or may not change my plans. I am in Page,AZ by the way if there is anyone in this area with a car that is planning to make this trip. I have no money however.

I have not paid the income tax since 1992 and NEVER WILL, no matter the consequences. The IRS helped destroy my life and I lost a wife of ten years and everything I ever owned or had worked for because of (not entirely because of, but the IRS situation was the catalyst) the IRS. I pay every tax that I am legally liable for, thus I am not a "tax protester" as the msm would have you believe. I am interested in the Libertarian Party "Free State Project" but have lived in the desert for 23 years and hate the cold weather so I have been ambivalent about making this move.

It would be wise for the Feds to continue keeping this situation low key but, as I am sure many of you know, this could be a further diversion from the war questions and the traitorous treachery Pelosi and the Democraps are heavily involved in promoting. If the Feds want another Lexington Green or an open war, so that they can declare martial law etc., this surely must look like the spark that could set fire to the whole country at this moment. I do not fear saying this on the internet as I always assume Big Brother is watching and listening and in the end they will lose this battle. I have a thick NSA file/personality profile and do not fear them. Right and truth will win in the end. Their time is limited. God has told us who wins in the end.

I would be most appreciative if one of you readers could send me Ed Brown's email address. It would save me much time going back and looking for it in all these related posts/stories. It is time to stand together. If we do not hang together, we shall all, most assuredly, hang seperately.

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