The National Guards, aint state militias.
Fri Jan 19, 2007 17:35

Ola Gang:

Good article, but jis tween usen chickens, its gotta
lotta mispeaks and misunderstandings.

The National Guards, aint state militias.

The National Guards are Federals and always have been.

They are a relativly new creation.

They like the police depts . , sheriff departments,
are all under the Military Occupation of America by
War and Emergency Powers Acts of the Foreign Powers
called, the united states, The federal zone, the
districto of columbia, U know, Congress Assembled.

Congress Assembled, has declaired WAR on the American
People several times, never being repealed. They are
our declaired enemies. The dummies , think they are
their salvation, really discusting when U understand
the situation.

They are all a benign painting over of the ole
Freedmans bureau from the Post War of the Rebellion
times and the emplemenation, over the south and norte,
of the 14th ammendment.

We have George Wessington, er , Washington to thank.

He created the District of Columbia and then District
States, which most people are totally ignorant of.

It is a doupleganger of the origional colonies and
states. It is an overlay of a Federal State with
powers to use the states powers, of militias by the
president of the foreign power, United States.

Without District States, the prez could not use the
state militias, which do not inclued the Federal
National Guards as they are already his, to attack the
inhabitants of the states of the union.

Refrence, Shays Rebellion.

Every states governors wear 2 hats. The gov. of the
state, and The Council General of the District State.

The General is fur real, it is military and Federal,
from da git go.

Federal refers to the Ole Federalists party, refrence
Federalists, Federalists Society, World Federalist

They jis did not explain it to the dummies.

OK Dokey, ok

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Bush Seizes Control Over State Militias

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