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The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11 By David Ray Griffin (Olive Branch Press, 2004) 214 + xxv, paperback, $15.00.

Reviewed by Patricia Adams Farmer

Facing a shocking truth is a hard thing. Turning the pages of The New Pearl Harbor requires a few deep breaths. Like opening the door to one's worst imaginings, we are able to go into these shadowy places only with the clean light of solid reasoning and meticulously well-documented research provided by the author, a distinguished American philosopher and theologian, David Ray Griffin.

Compiling the most compelling aspects of the arguments of several international critics of the "official story," Griffin offers a concise, well-organized, readable access into the most mysterious mass murder event of our time.

The title is based on a document entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses," published in 2000 by the Project for the New American Century, formed by several soon-to-be top officials in the Bush administration. This document predicted that the desired "revolution in military affairs" would be difficult without "a new Pearl Harbor." Griffin's book suggests that on 9/11, this need was fulfilled. Machiavelli is no stranger to American history, but still, could it be?

In the introduction, Griffin lays out several levels of ascending possibilities of official complicity. For example, did officials (in Intelligence Agencies, the Pentagon, or the White House) know about the attack ahead of time? Did they allow 9/11 to happen for political motives? Did they actually participate in the planning? Griffin does not implore us with personal opinion but simply lets the evidence speak.

He begins with the most egregious hole in the official account of that day: the fact that Standard Operating Procedures were not followed: "Military behavior completely contradicted standard procedures, which calls for jets to be scrambled as soon as a suspected hijacking is reported". These jet fighters normally intercept the airliner within 10 minutes, but on 9/11 several planes were allowed to fly for two or three times that long without being intercepted. Furthermore, the Pentagon, is "probably the most well-defended building on the face of the planet. How does the official account explain the fact that in this case it was not defended at all?" Most disturbing is that any cancellation of Standard Operating Procedure would require a command from on high. "Could a plan to hijack airplanes and crash them into the WTC have been successful without 'stand down' orders approved by Bush, Rumsfeld, and Myers?"

Evidence mounts, chapter by chapter, unraveling the massive inconsistencies in the official account, pointing sadly but inexorably to complicity in high places. If these questions are not dealt with in the current 9/11 commission proceedings, they will plague our national consciousness until they find resolution. One closes this chilling book with the awful realization that unless we suspend reasonable thinking and the laws of physics, some level of official complicity has probably taken place, and that unless we demand answers and accountability, our democracy may never recover.

..:: Lies about the Iraqi Threat
The Bush administration has repeatedly lied about Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons capabilities, as well as lying about Iraq's links with al-Qaeda. The administration has pressured its own analysts to bias evidence toward its war plans, and has not co-operated with UN inspectors.

..:: Lies about Profits
Oil companies have worked with Saddam and worked on regime change. The Bush administration has lied about brokering the future of Iraqi oil, and Cheney has lied about Halliburton's deals in Saddam's Iraq.

..:: Lies about Arming Iraq
Members of the Bush administration have repeatedly lied about the history of US ties to Saddam, and the ways in which the US contributed to Saddam's bioweapons arsenal.

..:: Gulf War Lies
Bush Sr. also lied to propel the US into war. His administration falsified evidence of Iraq's military threat, and Kuwaiti leaders presented false testimony on Saddam's behavior.


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