DU Mobile Exhibition Project 2007
Sun Jan 14, 2007 00:30


Dear Friends,

Info-Mission has created a DU Mobile Exhibition Kit to assist in our work of educating the public about the health and environmental hazards of Depleted Uranium Weaponry. The Kit will be offered to Libraries, Universities and Non Profit organizations as a tool to help disseminate this critical information.

The Mobile Exhibition Kit is a two-fold panel with12 black and white photographs mounted on 4 sides showing Iraqi children and U.S. soldiers that live or served in contaminated regions. Many Iraqi’s have become ill with Cancer/Leukemia or birth deformities believed caused by DU. Additional items in the Kit are the 12 minute video "Axis of Whose Evil." This important work visits Iraq pre- invasion and investigates regions where DU ammunition was exploded. Hand out materials are also provided, such as, a comprehensive resource list encouraging participants to conduct further research, the booklet "No DU Hiroshima", a current list of existing and pending legislation to test returning soldiers for DU and a list of action plans outlining ways to become involved in the Anti DU movement.

The first two Kits will be donated to Christian Peace Maker Teams DU working group and the Stop the Merchants of Death campaign. Both organizations are launching Anti DU campaigns that target manufacturers directly.

We need your help! Our Kits are ready to print. Each Kit cost 200$. To meet our goal of 5 Kits completed this spring, we are asking supporters for a generous contribution of 25$ or more.

Your contribution can be mailed to Info-Mission, P.O. Box 2586 Grants Pass, Oregon 97528.

All contributions are 100% tax deductible.

Please contact our office for more information about the Kits.

Thank you for your generous support!




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