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Somalia, Many Civilians Reported Killed
Wed Jan 10, 2007 00:00

U.S. Launches Targeted Assassination in Somalia, Many Civilians Reported Killed

An interview with Salim Lone, former spokesman for the UN mission in Iraq and a columnist for the Daily Nation in Kenya. He has been closely monitoring the story. He joins us on the line from Nairobi.

The strikes come just weeks after U.S.-backed Ethiopian forces invaded Somalia and overthrew the Union of Islamic Courts. Reports have also emerged that suggest U.S. Special Forces and CIA paramilitary teams are now directly embedded with Ethiopian forces in Somalia. Earlier this year, the CIA was accused of backing a group of Somali warlords.

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Who is planning our next war?

By Patrick J. Buchanan

As Americans await Bush's address announcing a "surge" of 20,000 to 30,000 U.S. troops to Iraq, we may be missing the larger picture. The War Party is turning its attention from Iraq – to Iran.

Bush's Rush to Armageddon

By Robert Parry

George W. Bush has purged senior military and intelligence officials who were obstacles to a wider war in the Middle East, broadening his options for both escalating the conflict inside Iraq and expanding the fighting to Iran and Syria with Israel’s help.

The Headless Horseman of the Apocalypse

By Norman Solomon

Bush can keep riding the madness of militarism at a gallop unless people on Capitol Hill stop nourishing it with appropriations. And they won't do that unless we find effective ways to insist that they cut off funding for the war.

Video - Orwell Rolls in His Grave

"Could a media system, controlled by a few global corporations with the ability to overwhelm all competing voices, be able to turn lies into truth?..."

This chilling documentary film examines the relationship between the media, corporate America, and government. In a country where the "top 1% control 90% of the wealth", the film argues that the media system is nothing but a "subsidiary of corporate America.

Claiming the Prize: Bush Surge Aimed at Securing Iraqi Oil

Written by Chris Floyd

American troops will "support" the "pacification effort" with what Maliki says calls "house-to-house" sweeps of Sunni areas. There is of course another phrase for this kind of operation: "ethnic cleansing."

Body of Saddam in the Morgue


Warning - This video should only be viewed by a mature audience.

U.S. soldier accused of murder had been diagnosed as homicidal


Once in the house, Green herded the father, mother and 5-year-old daughter to another room, closed the door and shot them dead. Green had blood on his clothes and boots when he returned. Green and at least two others took turns raping the other daughter before killing her with the family's AK-47. They set her body on fire.

Terrified Soldiers Terrifying People

Dahr Jamail and Ali al-Fadhily

Ten-year-old Yassir aimed a plastic gun at a passing U.S. armoured patrol in Fallujah, and shouted "Bang! Bang!"

Israel’s Purging of Palestinian Christians

By Jonathan Cook

Foreign visitors can leave, while Bethlehem’s Palestinians are now sealed into their ghetto. As long as these Palestinian cities are not turned into death camps, the West appears ready to turn a blind eye. Mere concentration camps, it seems, are acceptable.

Baghdad fighting reportedly killing 50 people:

The joint US-Iraqi forces were backed by US aircraft which fired into the Haifa Street area, witnesses said.

Another 46 killed:

Police found 40 bodies in various parts of Baghdad in the past day, an interior ministry source said. MOSUL - Police found six bodies, including one woman, in the northern city of Mosul, police said

Troop surge could affect Guard:

Top U.S. military officials,have concluded that such a buildup would require them to reverse Pentagon policy and send the Army's National Guard and reserve units on lengthy second tours in Iraq, defense officials said Monday.

Congress must act against Iraq troop rise: Kennedy:

A leading Democratic senator proposed on Tuesday to block President Bush from sending more troops to Iraq unless Congress specifically approves.

Democrats Split Over Their Approach to Iraq:

The new Democratic majority in Congress is divided over how to assert its power in opposing President Bush’s plan to send more troops to Baghdad, as leaders explore ways to block financing for a military expansion without being accused of abandoning American forces already in Iraq.

Ominous Signs of a Wider War:

Contrary to the advice given by the Iraq Study Group, Bush appears to be planning for a wider war--with much higher risk of catastrophic failure--not a gradual and dignified withdrawal from the region.

Oliver North says Bush plan 'eerily like Vietnam escalation':

Oliver North doesn't support the President's plan to for 20,000 additional ground troops in Iraq. 0'Reilly quips that North is aligning himself with Nancy Pelosi.

Most say no to Iraq buildup :

Those surveyed oppose the idea of increased troop levels by 61%-36%. Approval of the job Bush is doing in Iraq has sunk to 26%, a record low.

UN makes $60m Iraq refugee appeal :

One in eight of Iraqis have now left their homes, with up to 50,000 people leaving each month, the UNHCR said.

Fresh Saddam pictures 'released' :

The new video reportedly shows the former Iraqi dictator with a gaping neck wound.

More Than 50 Killed By U.S. Gunships In Somalia:

The boom of rocket-propelled grenade fire echoed through Mogadishu city center and touched off a two-minute gunfight. Hot spent shells clinked in the streets as residents ran for cover. At least one person was hurt, Mogadishu hospital officials said.


US Somali air attack kills at least 27:

"My four-year-old boy was killed in the strike," Mohamed Mahmud Burale told the BBC from the area. Local MP Abdulkadir Haji Mohamoud Dhagane told the BBC that 27 people, mostly civilians, had been killed near Afmadow.

Salim Lone: Destabilizing The Horn:

Clan warlords, who terrorized Somalia until they were driven out by the Islamists, and who were put back in power by the U.S.-backed and -trained Ethiopian army, have begun carving up the country once again.

Ex-CIA analyst says West misunderstands Al-Qaeda :

I think the whole war effort so far has been a mistake, in the sense that we're slowly becoming [like] Israel, in that the only options we have open to ourselves are military and intelligence operations.

Special Forces clash with the CIA:

U.S. Special Forces teams sent overseas on secret spying missions have clashed with the CIA and carried out operations in countries that are staunch U.S. allies, prompting a new effort by the agency and the Pentagon to tighten the rules for military units engaged in espionage, according to senior U.S. intelligence and military officials.

Nato occupation troops kill Afghan civilian :

Nato troops have shot dead an Afghan civilian who worked at a coalition base in the south-east of the country.

Pakistan agrees to reconsider mining Afghan border:

Pakistan's foreign minister said the country would look at other options before going ahead with a plan to mine its border with Afghanistan, after talks with his Canadian counterpart.

Iran says nuclear "spy" arrested:

Iran said Tuesday it has arrested a man on suspicion of selling Iran's nuclear secrets to an exiled Iranian opposition group, state radio reported.

U.S. cautions China over reported multibillion dollar gas deal with Iran:

The United States has urged China to reconsider a reported multibillion dollar (euro) natural gas deal with Iran amid international efforts to sanction Tehran for its nuclear programs, a U.S. Embassy spokeswoman said Tuesday.

US names state-owned Iranian bank as weapons proliferator: -

The US Treasury Department listed the Iranian state-owned Bank "Sepah" as a proliferator of weapons of mass destruction, and said a ban on all transactions between the bank and US businesses is in effect.

Israel: The correct map :

The Knesset Education Committee has decided by a majority vote that the pre-Six-Day-War border, or the Green Line, no longer exists.

Israel: MP wants Israeli youth to learn ethnic cleansing:

Hiking, scouting and promoting the forced "transfer" of Palestinians out of the West Bank - these are the main goals of a new youth movement formed by a far-right Israeli MP.

Israeli Army: "We abducted 4110 Palestinians in 2006":

A senior Israeli military official said on Monday that soldiers abducted 4110 Palestinians in several Palestinian areas in 2006.

Israel says it arrested Muslim cleric deported by U.S. :

Israel is holding the former imam of Ohio's largest mosque, deported last week by the U.S., the Shin Bet internal security service said Tuesday.

Egypt orders probe into new torture video:

The Egyptian interior minister has ordered security services to discover the identity of a female suspect apparently being tortured by police in a video publicized by the press, a security source said Monday.

Man granted U.S. residency after decades-long battle over El Salvador death squad allegations: :

A man denied citizenship because of charges that he tortured and murdered people as part of a death squad in Latin America has been granted permanent residence in the United States.

Chavez to Nationalize Power, Phones :

"We're moving toward a socialist republic of Venezuela, and that requires a deep reform of our national constitution," Chavez said in a televised address after swearing in his new Cabinet on Monday. "We're heading toward socialism, and nothing and no one can prevent it."

Chavez accelerates Venezuela's socialist revolution:

President Hugo Chavez is seeking increased powers from Congress, nationalizing utilities and telecommunications companies and promising to strip the central bank of its autonomy.

US To Express Concern About Venezuela Energy Plays:: -

U.S. Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman said Tuesday he has real concerns about Venezuela's move to nationalize its power and telecommunications industries, and exert government control over part of the oil industry.

Venezuela Stocks, Bonds Sink on Chavez's Nationalization Plans :

Venezuelan stocks had their biggest drop since President Hugo Chavez was elected in 1998 and bonds tumbled after the leader said he would nationalize the country's largest phone company and utilities.

Venezuela to build 200,000 houses in Nicaragua:

Venezuela may become the first supplier of foreign aid to Nicaragua once the Sandinista President-elect Daniel Ortega takes over, Venezuelan Ambassador to Managua Miguel Gómez Monday told news agency AP.

Bolivian protesters burn building :

Supporters of Evo Morales, the Bolivian president, have set fire to a state government building in the city of Cochabamba during violent protests that injured at least 22 people.

Number of Guantanamo Bay hunger strikers double:

The number of Guantanamo Bay detainees participating in a hunger strike has more than doubled since a month ago to 11, including five who are being force-fed, the US military said.

After five years of torture, Bisher is slowly slipping into madness:

False allegations from MI5 put my clients in Guantánamo Bay and the British government has failed them abysmally,,1985727,00.html

Why is my dad far away in that place called Guantanamo Bay?

Young boy's plea to Tony Blair

Italian Lawyer in CIA Case Withdraws:

A lawyer for a former CIA station chief accused of involvement in the alleged kidnapping of an Egyptian terror suspect withdrew from the case Tuesday, saying statements by Italian spymasters implicating U.S. agents had undermined her attempts to head off a criminal trial.

Judge grants delay in mental exam for Padilla:

U-S District Judge Marcia Cooke today insisted that the examinations be finished before Padilla's scheduled January 22th trial date.

Ex-spy was involved in 'blackmail scheme':

MURDERED ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko was involved in a blackmail scheme before his death, a US television documentary has claimed.

Blood Oil:

Could a bunch of Nigerian militants in speedboats bring about a U.S. recession? Blowing up facilities and taking hostages, they are wreaking havoc on the oil production of America's fifth-largest supplier.

Russians turn off Europe's oil supply:

Europe’s oil supplies from Russia were being held to ransom last night as the Kremlin fell into bitter dispute with a former Soviet satellite state.,,2-2537540,00.html

How richest fuel global warming - but poorest suffer most from it:

By the end of tomorrow the average Briton will have caused as much global warning as the typical Kenyan will over the whole of this year, according to a report.

BP Ignores Warnings About Potential Leaks in Caspian Pipeline :

``The BTC pipeline is strategically important to the West as a new source of much-needed oil,'' says John Dingell, chairman of the U.S. Congress's Energy and Commerce Committee.

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