Al-Qaeda is a US Intelligence Asset
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    Al-Qaeda is a US Intelligence Asset
    Sun Jan 11 18:40:10 2004

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    Al-Qaeda is a US Intelligence Asset

    In case you weren't paying attention...

  • Vinnell bombing leader Khaled Jehani, fought for the CIA in Afghanistan, Bosnia & Chechnya

  • Members of the Moroccan terror group Salafi Jihadi fought for the CIA in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Dagestan, Bosnia and Kosovo

  • USS Cole Bomber Jamal al-Badawi fought for the CIA in Bosnia

  • Zacarias Moussaoui fought for the CIA in Chechnya

  • Khalid Sheikh Mohammed fought for the CIA in Afghanistan

  • Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman fought for the CIA in Afghanistan

  • Head of Egyptian Islamic Jihad Ayman al Zawahiri, fought for the CIA in Bosnia

  • His brother Ayman al-Zawahiri fought for the CIA in Kosovo

  • Abdullah Azzam, "one of the ideological founders of Hamas" fought for the CIA in Afghanistan


  • When Osama Bin Ladin Was Tim Osman

  • War and Globalization - The Truth Behind September 11th

  • Zbigniew Brzezinski: "Your cause is right, God is on your side."

  • CIA reins in loose cannons, and keeps their Al Qaeda creation alive and well

  •">CIA "Arranged" for Passports for Al Qaeda Terrorists & Brought Them to the USA to Recruit for Jihads

  • Will the CIA Leave Their Saudi Partners in Crime Holding the Bag?

  • "New Al-Qaeda" like New Coke,
    only harder to buy

  • "The Farce Goes On - The Hunt for Ayman Zawahiri, Mohammad Omar, & Osama

  • "Moussaoui, Khadr, & Ressam Are "Graduates" of CIA's Khalden Camp for Afghanistan & Balkans "Jihads"

  • Bin Laden Puppetmasters Smoked Out In Balkans

  • The CIA arranged for HUM guerrillas to fight in Bosnia & Kosovo

  • Bin-Ladin and KLA have a 'joint' cash box in the United States

  • The CIA & Bin Laden worked hand-in-glove in KLA operations

  • U.S. Protects Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Kosovo

  • Wolfowitz Meets "in Private"
    with NLA Terrorist Ali Ahmeti

  • America used Islamists to arm the Bosnian Muslims

  • Bosnia, 1 degree of separation from Al-Qaeda

  • Where was the "Concern" about "al-Qaida Operating in Iran" during the War in Bosnia?

  • Terror mastermind with taste for high life

  • US Has Al Qaida Backers List

  • U.S. had agents inside al-Qaeda

  • CIA Told "Malaysian secret police" to "Monitor" Al Qaeda Meeting on Plans to Hit WTC on 9-11-2001

  • The CIA's "Operation Cyclone" - Stirring the Hornet's Nest of Islamic Unrest"

  • The Muslim Brotherhood: The Globalists' Secret Weapon

  • U.S. Armed, Promoted Accused September 11 Terrorist Mastermind

  • CIA Bankrolled System of Madrassas & Training Camps to Brainwash "Jihad" Warriors

  • British Press Gagged on Reporting MI6's 100,000 bin Laden Payoff

  • Ramzi Yousef was part of a CIA recruitment drive in New York and he did have "ties" to Bin Laden

  • CIA Recruits Terrorist Agents At Guantanamo

  • Oregon group thrives despite al Qaeda ties

  • Sniper link to al Qaeda investigated

  • Who is behind the "Terrorist Network" in Northern Iraq, Baghdad or Washington?

  • How Al Qaeda lit the Bali fuse

  • Did Rambo ever stop loving Osama?

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