Bush’s Top Impeachable Offense Is Treason
Fri Jan 5, 2007 23:00

January 04, 2007 COLUMNIST

Bush’s Top Impeachable Offense Is Treason

By Luther Broaddus
for Mountain Mail

SOCORRO, New Mexico (STPNS) --
There is a group actively working to impeach George W. Bush. This movement is headed by Donn Grand de Pre’, a cattle farmer, author and journalist from Reva, Va.

I have read three of Mr. Grand de Pre’s books, and have found them to be well researched and articulately written; however, I believe if Mr. Grand de Pre’s goal is to get rid of George W., impeachment is wrong. Bush’s crime is treason.

Few people outside of East Texas have heard about the North American Union, or NAU. The real lowdown on this program is, if its backers are successful, the countries of Canada, United States and Mexico will become, in effect, one nation, probably with its own Constitution, and one basic unit of money … very much like the European Union.

All countries need their own transportation system; the NAU will start with a super highway originating from ports on both the east and west coasts, south of Mexico City; entering Texas near Harlingen, and proceeding to Kansas City. This highway will be larger than anything now in place in the United States. It will be built on land that, in effect, will be owned by a Spanish company, Cintra Concessiones de Infraestructura de Transporte S.A. This is the same company that owns and operates the big bypass around the south side of Chicago. They operate that as a toll road on a 50-year contract.

The Texas leg of this new highway system is locally known as the “NAFTA Superhighway.” Its legal name is the Trans-Texas Corridor. It will be built with monies from Cintra and also will operate on a 99-year lease as a toll road. The first agreements have already been signed. Although Texas Governor Perry is a superhighway project supporter and construction has started, according to Texas Congressman Ron Paul, as of last month, most members of Congress are not aware of it.

It is obvious this road is merely a small, but the most physical part of a more dangerous but less visible program.

What could be dangerous about a $184 billion toll road complex running around Texas? Dangerous to whom? According to information sent me from several sources, the Texas toll roads are part of a master plan that began after World War II as a free-trade idea for the various nations in Europe. The first step in destroying the sovereignty of the European nations was combining the European coal and steel community into one industry. This destroyed the independence of the most widespread, yet competitive industry in Europe … steel. This was the beginning of the European Union.

Of course, the steel industry was flat on its back … put there by allied bombers. The moneyed people were happy … he who controls steel controls industry. Today, a small group of internationalists control Europe’s steel and the European Union. Today the people of the various European nations have practically no voice in their governments because of the side agreements their leaders have entered into and the restrictions put on them by the internationalists.

Today the same type of social-political-economic engineering is being quietly, almost secretly, slipped in on the constitutionally guaranteed rights of Americans. When it is complete, it will be called the North American Union. Many people have never heard of this … they are still mesmerized by its first two steps … NAFTA and CAFTA. The effort to complete this program to destroy the United States’ sovereignty is treason, and is headed by President George W. Bush.

This week’s column has been merely a small flag to alert readers to the overall subject of the next three or more columns, wherein we will document all that has been suggested in this week’s column.

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